'Lo, ev'ryone. Welcome to the Qarollverse blog, also known as the Maggoty Textbook. What this means is everything that "is" the person named Mar Qaroll, me, is spoken about in this blog.

The Qarollverse

Qarollverse. It is the name for the all-encompassing "everything" that are my personal projects and, to an extent, me as a person. You could say it is the brand behind the brand.

By "personal projects", I mean things that are created from my mind, like the Paneidoverse. In fact, right now, the only personal project that exists under the Qarollverse (that has actual content) is Paneidoverse. There used to be another project as old as Paneidoverse but it was constantly put on hiatuses throughout its existence from 2006 to present-day that it became pointless to continue. I discarded it in October 2021.

When I use Qarollverse as a username online, it means that the account is used for all things under my "brand", from my name (Mar Qaroll) to my pseudonyms One Hollows' Eve and Mareoquine. So far, the only account I have as an example is my Twitch account, Qarollverse.