Mar Qaroll

'Lo, ev'ryone. My name? Well. I have a name.

—and it's a boy's name, too...

I lived more than eighteen years of my life blinded by a so-called light, the "light" of Islam, that I didn't and still don't fully understand. I was a puppet once, as many of us were, listening to the whims of my elders, told what to do and how and when I should do it.

For many agonizing years, I wanted to cut my strings yet never knew how or was too terrified to do so because of what I had been told since infancy. In honor of that suffering, I once called myself Mareonet. I had spent more than eight years dying inside, lost within myself, and tread the lines between fully suicidal and darkly misanthropic...

I am a storyteller, dreamer, deviant, weaver, and wonderer. I publish some of my stories online through Campfire Explore and maybe through their future Campfire Publishing. I consider myself to be a genuine introvert, especially by today's standards, and an advocate for the taboo, devious, diverse, the fuckers and weirdos, associate closely with INTJs and INFJs, and am an asexual, panromantic transmasculine man, assigned female at birth.

While I don't actively participate in any of the communities, I am also a proud metalhead who can be mistaken for a goth; I am a melanophiliac melomaniac. Unashamedly.

When you combine 18 years of a sheltered upbringing with 13 years of depression, nigh-unshakeable opinions, too many cups of water, add a dash of stupidity, 29 cups of possible immaturity, and heaps of goddamned boredom into a viciously deep cycle of neuroticism, misanthropy, and suicidal ideation, you churn out the sad excuse of a human who calls himself Mar Qaroll.

I'm not as bad as I used to be. I assure you.

My beliefs

I have unusual and overall controversial opinions. These opinions are often ranted out every now and then through my rant blog, Blackboxx Texts. Important things you may consider yourself needing to know before you continue into Qarollverse are thus:

  • I am a proshipper; I pair fictitious characters together no matter how problematic they may be
  • I believe 16 isn't too young to be in certain relationships
  • I don't believe in the human construct that cannot be unanimously agreed upon and is thus moot which is called "age of consent"
    • Use your fucking head, you fucking fuck
I also believe in the separation of reality and fiction, something I can't believe I even have to mention because this should be a no-brainer and common motherfucking sense. But common sense? What is that in 2021??? 😲

updated Dec. 18, 2021

Welcome to the Qarollverse, humans. I can sense it's going to be a bumpy ride...

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