Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Paneidoverse 2022

There honestly isn't much I plan to do for the Paneidoverse in 2022. At the moment, all I can continue to do is work on the three main worlds and stories, DΓ¦rth, Reon System, and Rejisea, and The Molt Series, Inverse Sequences, and Hierarchy of Deities, respectfully. I was pumped up with PNDVS during the middle of the year when I joined Campfire but I now wonder what I was all pumped up about. πŸ˜• Nothing significant is happening. No new stories, no new developments...

...still working on stories for the umpteenth time instead of moving forward and progressing... πŸ˜’

Same old, same old.

Even the wonderful spotlight that Paneidoverse received on Campfire Learn isn't enough to spark anything. The only thing I am thinking of is making a blog separate for it but that makes little sense since...well, I already have this place and have made it that certain entries have certain themes for the entire blog. I can do the same with PNDVS...

Great. More CSS. 😣

In any case, fun as that would be, to make another blog, I think I really do have enough. Most of them aren't in use and I am digressing...

My intentions for PNDVS is to perhaps get a few more stories done this year instead of working on the same story for an entire year...or I have been for God Noise: Volume I. There're a lot of stories on the list of verses within Paneidoverse and I gotta get them moving. Especially the big ones, starting with Inverse Sequences.

Inverse Sequences

Inverse Sequences, created in 2019, has been highly neglected despite being older than both The Molt Series and Hierarchy of Deities combined. I don't understand it myself. And since it may be connected to another, new story in the 'Verse, CA(I)NE, I ought to turn my focus on it...since yesterday. 

Alongside IS, I was thinking of working on a novella, A King and His Pawn, much as I worked on The Thing is Dead and Passions of the Lune around the same time in 2019. It'll be a challenge, one I'm honestly not sure I'm ready for. So, I'll take it as it comes.

Tuesday, December 21, 2021

The Qarollverse 2022 | methods of operation

I plan to make a lot of personal "methods of operation" changes in 2022. By this, I mean how I operate under and "as" the Qarollverse. For one, I don't think I really explained what the Qarollverse is, so I am going to briefly get into that and also post this information on a page for the blog with necessary modifications.

What is the Qarollverse

Qarollverse is the name for the all-encompassing "everything" that are my personal projects and, to an extent, me as a person. You could say it is the brand behind the brand.

By "personal projects", I mean things that are created from my mind, like the Paneidoverse. In fact, right now, the only personal project that exists under the Qarollverse (that has actual content) is Paneidoverse. There used to be another project as old as Paneidoverse but it was constantly put on hiatuses to the point that it became pointless to continue. I discarded it in October 2021.

When I use Qarollverse as a username online, it means that the account is used for all things under my "brand", from my name (Mar Qaroll) to my pseudonyms One Hollows' Eve and Mareoquine. 

At least...that's the plan starting in 2022.

2022 plans for the Qarollverse

So, at the moment, my online accounts are a fucking, annoying mess. It wasn't so until around 2019. Then I just fucked up and...Well.

Let me explain.

Saturday, December 18, 2021

Returning to GaiaOnline in 2022

As I've returned to the social sphere from my three-month hiatus, I've rekindled my 14-year-old—yes, fourteen years old—GaiaOnline account. I have learned some CSS since the last time I was on Gaia, so I managed to make my page match the rest of my current Halloweenie theme. 😁 Very happy about that. Don't know when I might change to match my Mareoquine pseud theme, though. Maybe once 2022 is over. 

Anyway, what is my purpose on GaiaOnline? Just to have some fun, I suppose! It's the only place I can currently do so since all my other accounts are...not for fun. And are pretty much...empty...and stuff...

Also, I have a blog on Gaia I plan to work on, maybe in 2022, to talk about music. Should be fun. I might cross-post somewhere else but I'm not sure where just yet. That was something I used to do in 2007 but stopped a long time ago. Maybe 2008? 


Ah, the glory days of Gaia... 😩

Don't know when this will go into full effect, but these are my intentions. Perhaps 2022 will see activity...

Friday, December 17, 2021

2022 intentions for my online writing

2022 has brought a lot of things to my attention as far as writing goes. There are so many writing programs and even maybe even more places to put one's writing up online that I just...It's boggling.

It's also pretty fucking annoying and frustrating and did I mention it pisses me off to learn about just one more of these damn sites?! πŸ˜’

Prior to leaving World Anvil, I had slight reservations about where to put my work online. I wanted a place where I could a) get good exposure and b) be in a community of some kind. While WA had the latter, the former was sorely missing. WA was, first and foremost, a worldbuilding platform. Writing practically had no place there. And believe me, it showed

I then learned about Royal Road, a...decent alternative to Wattpad, a site that makes me rage. I liked it enough that I put one of my finished and copyrighted stories up there but I've had reservations about it more recently as I've noticed the lack of variety in the content on the site from a distant point of view...

Then, there is my current favorite, Campfire. Campfire is a young, developing program I cannot wait to see the future of. My favorite in particular is Campfire Explore and what can come of that. 

There are plans for monetization of stories/works option in the future, something that recently has me hesitant to upload any more stories to Royal Road. While monetizing my work isn't "my intention" per se, I do like the idea of having all of my work under one banner since Campfire is also where I have my "wikis" for my stories/worlds/projects. That's pretty much what matters more than anything. Keeping things cohesive while having some leeway for nice things.

Finally, there's the most recent and newest place one can upload their writing...

Kindle Vella.


Don't get me wrong. It's a bloody brilliant idea. It's a more "professional" alternative to all of the previous sites like Wattpad, Inkitt, and Royal Road. In fact, if I didn't know about Campfire's intentions, I'd probably want to put my things on Vella. It being connected to Amazon is what makes it so appealing to me...

Now, onto my intentions for 2022 when it comes to this mess.

Thursday, December 9, 2021

The Qarollverse | 2022 hopes & plans

2021 is ending.

I don't know about anyone else, but this was an absolute waste of a year. I might as well be going back into 2021 with how little I look forward to 2022. 

But I'm going to try hard not to think about that.

As you can see, I've started a new blog since my old one was just...Ugh. Despicable. Over the fifteen years I've been using Blogger, I must have made about six blogs and started them all for the same reasons: My depression became such that my entries became too embarrassing to look at. It's just a rinsing and repeating cycle that happens every few years or so.


So, let' see if I can gather my thoughts coherently...

I have a shitload to talk about for my first entry back into the online world of blogging. I can only hope I don't disappoint myself...

Starting with—

2022 Hopes

I'm considering a few things for 2022. Namely stopping things. I won't stop working on my stories—how can I? But I am wondering if it is worth it to continue streaming. There's nothing I'd be doing instead, I admit, but there's also not much of a reason for me to continue at all. 

Why I started streaming, to begin with

Unlike many, I didn't start streaming to be part of a community, not really. I started because I was hoping it would be a good way to get my stories out into the world, get some attention. And because that hasn't quite worked, I am questioning my worth as a storyteller. There's no point for me to continue streaming and showing off my precious work if no one takes any interest...

I am a storyteller, first and foremost. Without an interest in my work, I am...lost. I have no fulfillment, no purpose in life. 

It might sound dramatic, but that's the truth for me. It's a truth even I have had to come to grips with in the past few months as I've wondered over and over why I felt so unfulfilled despite doing the very thing I love so much...


2022 Plans

I don't really have any plans for 2022 but to survive it without attempting to take my own life. It's the best I can hope for right now...