Monday, June 25, 2012

Short rant of upcoming review: Todd McFarlane's Spawn (1997)

I have just spent the past...oh...about if not over ten hours, staying up all night and all morning, watching this...heavenly...90s cartoon.

Unfortunately, I have somewhere to go in six hours. So I'll have to make the actual review after I come home, as I have to take a four-hour nap. Here's to hoping I wake up before 11 AM so I can take a freaking shower!!

From Google

Adding this son of a wizard to my top favorites' list. The one and only complaint? WHERE'S THE REST OF IT?! It just ENDS! We, the fans, DEMAND MORE. If the comic is anything like this cartoon...this will be the second, and only second, Western comic that is irrefutably and lovingly going into my library....along with Batman. Of course.

You don't understand. I've literally been wining and bitching and moaning and groaning for a show like this And then I find it...only to find out it's...not...FINISHED?!

Why...oh, it that I miss out on all of the goodies only to discover them years later...I had to be seven years old when this mofo came out, eh? SEVEN! And just a year later I started writing smut!

As you can see, I attached the "obsession(s)" label. Yes. Along with Beetlejuice, this is one of my new Obsessions. Prepare to hear more about this...lots more...

...and speaking of Beetlejuice...this must be my lucky-eye-weekend: yesterday I watched a whole bunch of "new" (to me!) Beetlejuice episodes on YouTube!! Finally got to see Not So Peaceful Pines, in which we get to see a cartoon, kid-friendly version of his movie self, in a way...!



See~ I can't help myself when it comes to my obsessions....~♥


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