Monday, January 13, 2014


Yo and lo. As it is known, I barely ever have anything to talk about. And when I do, it's nothing positive. All boring shit.

I assure you, this entry is no different.

...Fourteen days into the new year, eh...

So here's what I plan or would like to do for the year 2014...
  • Commit internet suicide via The Blaqueboxx Texts...
    • Have fun with said Texts; I don't have a reputation to defend...
  • Go the fuck to Job Corps and/or just get the hell away from home
  • Save my fucking money
  • Perhaps start focusing a bit more seriously on the developmental side of Project DV?
    • This includes making images...
  • If the Job Corps/school in general idea fails, focusing on jobs and stuff
  • Try to keep in contact/reestablish contact with my three friends
And honestly, that's it in a nutshell.

I keep telling people, I live a very boring life. If you can call it that.

Right, so what's this internet suicide thing, you're probably wondering, right?
That is, if anyone is reading this at all...

Committing internet suicide, in my definition, means to do something to stupid that your "reputation" online is ruined. Probably forever. And even if you change, no one will forget or forgive you for said stupidity from the past. the moment, I don't care about a reputation...I'm just bored and need to find some way to entertain myself...So if what I plan on doing ends up being internet suicide...well...I don't know. It depends on what happens, I guess.

If anyone really is reading this far into this stupid blog, here's a head's up. This new blog I'm making...It isn't going to be "nice". It is going to be heavily opinionated, unbelievably uncensored, entirely unnecessary, and will only exist because of my boredom. It will not, however, be a "troll" blog. It's just going to be ME, uncensored. The real me. I really don't know what, exactly, I'm going to do with it. I have some things in mind, but...

...I'm bored...sad...dreading...longing...

Another year, another waste of time.

...I'm not trying to incur the wrath of Karma, but...all that can make this existence of mine any worse is losing someone I care about or having something horrendous happen to them.

And I know one of the two will happen, eventually.

So I wait with bated breath.

Happy fucking New Year.

Hope yours is better than mine.

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