Sunday, December 20, 2015

Holidays 2k15 Update

It's been a while.  Nice long while. There is much to update on...much to say. But I'll jut say the more important things that have happened since I first started this wayward blog.

I've been in Job Corps for well over a year, now. I've completed both my first and advanced culinary trades and plan to attend Johnson and Wales sometime next year to continue my culinary arts education. My dream is to have a small catering business in the future. It'll be part of my dream company currently known as Project DV.

Early this year, I met someone. You can call him Mr. Stark. I introduced him a bit in my other blog, The Blaqueboxx Texts. All is very well between us, and we are, in fact, currently traveling on the highway from Rhode Island to his parents' home in Florida for the holidays. Holy crap, we have some ride ahead of us.

But, hey, at least our hotel for the night seems decent enough...

All and all, things have gotten better. I'm still not anywhere near financially stable and am still without a job, but...I'm also significantly happier.

The Boxx will go back to having random, severely opinionated topics and rants, as it should. This is my main blog again.

Until next time! Happy Holidays~!

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