Monday, January 31, 2022

My erotica need a home

While Campfire is the home for my Paneidoverse stories, or rather the stories that are important in the Paneidoverse, I need a home for my erotica since Campfire doesn't allow that genre on their platform. I'm not savvy with the idea of putting my work on a site that's primarily for transformative work...

...but it seems that's where I'll have to put the stories after all. Archive of Our Own. 

Archive of Our Own

I've loved AO3 forever. I've been a user of the site for years. But I respect its purpose for transformative work. I'm not saying people who upload original work up there don't; what I mean by that is, I greatly respect their goal and mission. I love AO3 and its related organizations.

I assure you, if there was some other place where I could upload my erotica, I would do it there.  But Literotica is bizarre and offputting. I'll give it a legit chance, but I feel it isn't the place for me. I really do.

Erotica to put online

I've nothing erotica-related complete but Passions of the Lune, but I like looking ahead to see what else I might want to put online...

Passions of the Lune

Obviously. Now, this story is currently being rewritten, so it won't be put up in some while, anyway. It's on its third version. Very good. It will probably be a blend of its original Camp NaNo 2019 Winner version and the second version after it I had started but never finished. Sounds good. 

I was originally thinking of making an abridged version of this story, but that's a terrible idea. For me. I'm not rewriting this story for innocent eyes. The fuck. Why would I do that. 😩

...Not...that I might not change my mind in the future. In fact, that might be a good way to figure out how to get this story together... 🤔

Er, anyway. Passions is my first erotica and I want it to be treated super-special-like. At the moment, I am only not sure how to do that. Or, ah, where to put it. 

There is furthermore an alternate telling of it that I've considered in which Arius and Azul's positions are changed but that might not work...We'll see.


I'm having trouble with this story, to be fair. Sometimes I even wonder if it'll even be written or if I should put it into the...Recycle Bin. 😫 Therefore, I'm unsure if I should speak about it much more than say I do intend to put it up as well...


Aside from needing a new title like yesterday, of course, I plan on putting my first-thought erotica up online. Depending on what I do with it, it might even be a bit of an important story, much like Passions having a connection to Inhuman. Well, that doesn't make it important, per se, but far more than just mere erotica.

...Actually. That has me thinking. 🤔 Maybe I can do something with this story, plot-wise...

Ah, well, I'll work on that.

As far as a new name, ah. That. Is a very good question. I have absolutely no idea what sort of naming convention I should go with. Originally, it was meant to be more than erotica and actually tell the story of how the Boogeyman "fell from grace", but that idea is so freaking outdated it isn't even funny. 

Hopefully, I'll come up with something before my rewrite of Passions is done. It's going to be the harbinger of all the erotica I put online...

Speaking of which, I...never got Boogeyman off the ground. It'll probably be the longest of all my erotica, too. It has the most and densest plot. Grr. Plot.

That's that. Archive of Our Own's gonna have to be the place for now. Only, I don't have any erotica stories to put up at the moment...

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