Sunday, March 31, 2024

Story schedule: April - June '24

‘Lo, ev’ryone! April starts tomorrow and I have some intentions to make for it, May, and June. These are only intentions, nothing set in stone, unfortunately. When July comes around, I’ll do the same thing, methinks…

So! Here are my plans for the next three months as far as what I’ll work on…


Starting tomorrow, I will work on finishing Human and worldbuild for my new erotic romance, When the Moon Shines Red! I am so excited about this possible novella! 😍 I’ve hyped myself up quite a bit, so I hope to get many more than just 5k words done, as is my word goal!

Human only needs a very few chapters written before it is 100% finished SO WHAT THE HELL IS TAKING SO LONG TO FINISH THEM? I wish I knew. 😵 I feel painfully inept when it comes to struggles like this. It happens all the time… 😞


Because I’ve been putting it off for almost half a year or…a little less…I plan to start God Noise, my beloved Bleach-inspired dark fantasy novel, AGAIN. I shit you not, this is like the 19th time working on it…but I took a nice long break. It should help, I hope.

I’m considering worldbuilding on something in the meantime during May as well, in case I need something to work on when my mind farts with GoNo. I’ll get back to that some other time…


Finally, in June, it is time to return to the world of Holy Earth and the Uroboros series with the prequel dark erotic romance novella, Lay No Evil! I got quite far in this the first time around. It shouldn’t be…too difficult…to finish…I hope.

The next upcoming weeks look rather exciting, creatively. I plan to take a bit of a break with uploading Human on Ream during this time and instead focus on making previews for and talking about these new works and finishing said novel. It’s gonna be some while to wait, but I truly, sincerely will keep everyone updated.

Also, I will try to keep my social media presence slightly active as things develop. I’ll have things to post, I suppose? I hope? We’ll see...

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