Saturday, May 19, 2012

Flea Market Finds

Obviously, I went to the flea market today. I found three, count 'em, three things off my small list o' necessities!

This is new.

First and foremost is a gorgeous black umbrella I found at the very end of the market itself. I had a gut feeling something good was going to be at the end. Check this: got it for $2. And the only "problem" with it is just being a lil' dirty and one of the folds had dead maggots in it (dried, so they were easily brushed off). Come on. This, what, $12 umbrella is a total steal.

Second are these....*inhales sharply* gorgeous compact mirrors mimicking Anna Sui's brand that I've only found on Ebay for around $4 to $8 each! I got 'em both for $4; two dollars each. That booth had more Anna Sui-like cosmetic accessories, also seen on Ebay, but I didn't get the large black vanity mirror because lack of monies and it was just too biiiiiig.

And lastly are these earphones. They were the most expensive at $5...but...they seem to be dying AL-FUCKING-READY. Lovely purchase, those. Hmph...

Aaand...I don't have enough money to see Dark Shadows, as I had forgotten I wanted to do...Stupid...stupid...

And, forgot to mention, but the first time I went to the local flea market, I found these lovely sunglasses.

I'm talking about the lower, smaller ones. The larger ones are what I call my Burton glasses and were bought on Ebay for a little less than $5. Oh yeah. Finally...

I really need to start budgeting again. I've fallen completely out of synch since I began to go to Gateway...

A note: like I said, school is technically over, but only for a week; this week coming up. Then I'm off to some mandatory computer class that I'm looking forward to and planning on acing for a month. And then...


  1. Those glasses are cool! Good finds!

  2. I love those Glasses! Been looking for a pair for myself in the same manner! You are rather lucky!