Tuesday, May 22, 2012

World Goth Day 2012

2012  |  Image from Facebook (?)

Been looking forward to this day for a while, now. I had it on my calendar and everything...but...unfortunately...there is little I can do to celebrate that differs from my everyday norm. Now, I suppose I could try to listen to lovely music all day long, out loud, but that is just a great big "SUPPOSE". Did I mention my mom and I share a room...?

Not to mention my other idea to stay out all day on the computer interacting with my internet companions is also hampered since I've been up and am up now to near 6 AM. Been reading fanfiction....all morning...and watched nothing but Enies Lobby episodes of One Piece with my mom up until about midnight, so...yeah.

...I'm also feeling...quite...well...it're really no different from the norm, but...at times like this...I don't care. Not what happens to my body, not that I'm doing something I shouldn't be doing...not like that...

So. Yeah. Happy World Goth Day 2012, ev'ryone...

Oh, and this is my (published) 90th post and (unpublished) 100th post. Interesting.

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  1. Happy World Goth Day! You can still listen to super loud goth music in your headphones, right? And I think reading fanfiction you enjoy is a great way to celebrate today!