Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The rolling stone...

Things are finally moving forward.

Hi, hi, yo, how's ev'ryone? So I've finally seen the apartment I'm going to be moving into. It's a very nice place in an overall good location (right next to a Subway...) and I met my roommate. The landlord said it should be ready for move-in on October 1st, so...I'm slowlysubtlety...packing. It's not easy, I tell you; remember, no one knows of my intentions to move out. I won't even be taking any furniture with me. I'm literally going to be starting from scratch. It's exciting...but I'm worried about how my family will react...

As for school, eh. It looks like I'll either be going to the Winter semester at Gateway or will take an accelerated course in October. Either way, I just want to be in school, dammit. I want to get this over with...Also, there is a possibility I could end up working at Gateway, too, if the latter plan doesn't work. Or maybe even if so...

So things are slowly moving along, ya? Finally got a freaking cell phone, too.

As for my stories...I've been working on my Bleach fanfiction series for weeks, if not over a month, now. I really want to get it done. I've also started working back on a story inspired by Alice's Adventures in Wonderland that I put on hold last year.


Hopefully things will all work out...

Short update, but I hope to get back into the swing of things once I move out and get myself together.



  1. Congrats on the new place! Furniture shopping should be fun! I'm intrigued by the mention of your Alice inspired story. Are you a fan of the American Mcgee's Alice? I've always loved the American Mcgee's look. Though I have to admit the second video game based off of the first Alice game was more disturbing visually than the original.

  2. Ha ha, your family doesn't know you're moving out?

    You're really setting yourself up for an interesting journey in life!

  3. I am glad things are looking up for you. I am sure you will enter a new and exciting stage of life. Would love to hear how everything worked out.