Monday, January 28, 2013

Life in the school culture

...Don't mind the title; I'm at school, that's all.

Second day of school after a long weekend of work. Man. I feel just like...well...a college student. 

Yesterday, my dad took my family out to a restaurant. Even my mother. To say it was nearly a disaster is...just my opinion. Arguments, the usual things we all hate, exhaustion and my poor older brother on the sidelines. And really crappy food; the tea was the only redeemer. Of course...the focus of our lovely family night, after simply arguing why the hell my little brother wasn't looking his best...was on me. Oh, yes. Let's attack Maryam, since she decided to make that godDAMNED post on Facebook!!! I'm not even getting into it. The rest of the dinner, I was just too disgusted, almost, to say much else. To say I was pissed doesn't even begin to explain. And it doesn't help there was a mention to "at least [I'm] not getting a sex change!", which means it will indeed be difficult to explain anything related to gender...even to my mom, as she was the one who made the comment to my father. The only one in my family who has even the slightest idea of my identity...and...gender...ah...situation, is my older brother. And I'm only guessing this. I really only hope...

So let's talk about something else. 

I've been doing some experimentation with my dress, as of late. Very slight experimentation, as...there isn't much to experiment with...but I've been having some fun. Today my dress is rather feminine, though shit like that is irrelevant. Unfortunately, I am at school and don't feel like lugging my iPad into the bathroom to take an awkward bathroom picture (there's no mirror big enough, anyway...or maybe I'm just making excuses...), but I'm wearing pants under a skirt without sides (flaps, if you will) and a long navy blue sleeveless sweater over a long-sleeved shirt. Of course, the pants, skirt and shirt are black. In fact, I'm currently in the cafetteria, wondering if I should spend some of the very little bit of money I have with me on lunch, even though I brought my own lunch from home. In a classic brown paper bag.

It's snowing, by the way...Bloody hell...

Right, so I made a Tumblr account, one I will rarely do anything with due to my lack of internet access. I want to post naughty NSFW pictures of the many I favorited or whatnot, I said...Internet..Eh, so far all I've posted are things related to DMC anyway, as I'm currently obsessed over it. I'm going to try to take some pictures at home to upload when I DO get online, but so far I've been forgetting to do that...

Ah, well.

Passed the 60 mark with followers!! Wow, everyone. Thanks. :)

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  1. I hope that your parents come to accept you more over time. Maybe they will get used to the idea. I don't know them very well, so it's hard for me to comment.

    I'm often on FB if you need to talk about things.

    If it's of any interest to you, I'm planning on following up on my two more 'feminine' recent fashion posts with some more tomboyish/butch/masculine fashion posts. I think my blog needs more of a balance between the two sides of me, the side that likes ruffles and makeup and corsets and suchlike, and the side of me that has been that has been an ungirly tomboy since I was a very small child and had a strop over my bedroom walls being pink. (I think " I WANT GREEN DINOSAURS" probably still rings in my Dad's head...) and still wanders around in boyish clothes over a curvy body. I fluctuate between the two, but for me personally it's fluctuations in different expressions of womanhood, rather than fluctuations between gender. I feel more like a manly woman, than a man with a woman's body, if that makes any sense.