Friday, May 24, 2013

Echo post: sharing some stories


I like the general idea of "showcasing" stories and gaining an audience, in our case, by what we already have instead of an actual story. In fact, it would likely be best for Mary and I work on things that aren't as easy to steal from, or things that are more like fanfiction. This means the Tales, of course. However, we are going to keep the fine details out of the descriptions and authors' notes, such as the connections to PHE...

...I will say this much, though. I don't trust you people; you, the internet world. Not in the slightest. There are bastards out there, the type of bastards I despise...Thieves. Plagiarizers. That is the last thing Mary and I need right now. It's bad enough of the things we've shared about Project DV. In fact...I fear that we've already set ourselves up for a shitload of  plagiarizing...

How in the world does one protect their ideas and stories in the online world? 

Continue reading if you want to read my personal rant directed at my dear counterpart...

There are times when I wonder why Mary can't think things through before making entries like her most recent one...

So I shall lay it out for you, Mae.

The Prose Division exists for a reason, doesn't it? There are at least three locations for it online:

And this is just for starters.

Are you seriously thinking of making yet another pointless online account when you haven't even utilized the ones we already have? 

If it were necessary to create another Tumblr, it would likely be for Project DV-related works, which covers all of anything we plan to work on in the future as it is. Am I not right?

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