Wednesday, May 22, 2013

I want to share some stories...

Yo. So I'm thinking of making either a Tumblr or Facebook account for my original...ideas. I know that sounds strange. Why the hell would you do that, Mae? Your ideas could be stolen. Not to mention how strange it is to have all of the developmental stages of your pride and glory out for alll the world to see. That stuff is normally kept hidden and (secret, safe) away from all prying eyes until, perhaps, after the work is actually complete.

I know. The only reason why this has even entered my mind is because of the age of technology we live in. Otherwise, I'd probably be perfectly content with keeping all of my little secrets and such to myself.

Or maybe...not.

You see, I'm a writer. I am. Author. Artist. Dreamer. Et cetera. But I have nothing to show for my years of writing. Nothing...concrete, that is. I have other things. Information documents, chronicles of the many years or days or weeks or months or however long I've worked at my stories with no avail. Character profiles, character information...Things like that. I'm proud of those, yes, but they'll never counter my disappointment of being unable to complete a story and the world my characters can thrive in.

...I also desire to gain some interest in my stories and ideas, since...that's not really possible otherwise. I don't write stories I can actually show to anyone...except maybe one or two people...

I'm curious. And starving for an audience. That is my fuel. An audience.

So...what's the consensus?

In other news, I have my Tumblr as well...

I'm into Steam Powered Giraffe. Hilarious band, I tell you. Nice mental imagery. Casual, calm, and fun to listen to during the day. Listened to them practically all day yesterday and the day before while cleaning my room.

Also two new decks.

And...Digi's Splendorman.

Innocent Curiosity by *Arvara from deviantART
Fuck yeah.

Also...Happy World Goth Day.

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