Monday, December 29, 2014

In Mass, to the Isle

 In case anyone cared, there are a few legitimate reasons why I haven't updated any of my accounts that once upon a time had, somewhat to rather decent content on them for many months (Tumbr, my other questionable Blog...).

I am at a trade academy, a one by the name of Job Corps. Ignoring how bad the reputation of such an institution of its standing can be, my experiences have ranged from "not half bad" to "where the fuck is my axe?", which I would use, if only I had one (but even if I did, it never would've passed security, but, oh, you know...wishes and such).

The good news? I've finished my culinary trade in less than six months—I left in June, finished in November—and with several people believing I'm on the road to success (ignore my opinion on this). The somewhat good news? I'm going to be going to another Job Corps in Rhode Island, or so I am told, to progress to advanced trade. The not-so-good news? Well, there's a bit of a list to that...but to sum it up, I'm not looking forward to at least half of this upcoming endeavor. Not. A. Bit.

Shockingly, I've made two people I can call, by my extensive and often contradictory measures, friends and one is already in RI waiting for me. "Waiting for me", rather. The other just left from visiting CT with me for the holiday week and is going to miss me dearly. And I her, since she's like a little sister...which I've always wanted...

Other than that, there's nothing else to report. Work on Project DV has come to a depressing halt, once again, and I'm not even working on the little monthly updates for it. I'm going back to MA in about nine days, then hopefully off to RI in about two weeks after, and to me, my life is still looking bleak and emotionally painful.

But I won't go down that road again; that's for another time. Normally entries like this are for my other blog to begin with, but...ah. We all know I can't keep anything I put online worth anyone's time or my own wasted efforts.

I can only hope that by the end of 2015, I have a few of many things off my list of "things that will definitely make me happy" (a completely revamped laptop, a real digital camera, a cool, matching wardrobe, my own apartment, a good, happy-making job...). Because right now...I'm not looking forward to 2015. I hate new years like you have no idea...

I hope to spit some nonsense after this to keep everyone entertained. This is just an update.

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