Thursday, April 21, 2016

It Begins

Well...I begin my true start and approach to 2k16. I don't quite know how to explain how well this is all going thus far, considering I'm a horrible judge at personal progress. But I feel better about myself....
Heck, I even renamed this blog my first blog's name. And a header!! Which will be updated really soon...

Project DV


Several of the articles on DeVepedia have been rewritten for 2k16, and they are very well done! These are the important ones, of course, such as About DeVepedia, Project DV and Tales by the One Who Knows. Being a wiki, several articles are not complete, but I try to have at least basic information on even stub articles.


This is a tricky one. PDV has never had a lot of icons, pictures or graphics in general. I try, and I do mean try  to make images whenever I can, and now more than ever I plan on making many, many more. But I have to let it known: whatever isn't created by me are usually stock images from public domains—as long as I can verify they are public domain. Whenever I discover or am told graphics I use aren't public domain, I stop using them immediately. I wish I had a drawing tablet...but I don't. Everything is made or done with a computer mouse.

Social media

This year is a HUGE year for the Diverse Project. It's the 10th year anniversary! The official date is on July 5th. I originally planned to have some videos on my YouTube profiles by now related to my personal life and PDV, but...well, let's just say I kind of did myself in for now. But I am working on it. If it doesn't happen, well...I have my personal blogs. But in any case, I plan to organize PDV's online locations and not only revamp them, but keep them going with content from now on.

Personal life

I am finally participating in Bat Fit 2016! Being back on Blogger is...depressing to say the least, since so many people I follow have stopped blogging within the past two years or more. But I have many topics to blog about, myself. Some are probably going to anger people, but according to Mr. Stark, that's one of the things I do best. So I'm owning that! What do you think the BBTxx is for...?

Speaking of BBTxx, I finally gave it a graphic header. Looks nice. In fact, I've finally realized my personal identifier, one I've had for years. That barcode is mine. It is coded to represent me~

Yes, yes, Bat Fit 2k16. I have notebooks to spare, and I plan on doing more than just physical fitness. Some plans include:
  • Returning to my Wicca studies
  • Picking up and reading books more often (there's a used books bookstore DOWN THE STREET!!)
  • Dancing to music all the time—without headphones (my old Maeonette YouTube channel is being revamped for a reason directly related to this...)
  • Finding ways to work from home (and if all else fails, there are plenty of places around to look into)
  • Walking up and down the street—and up that bleeding hill...ugh...
  • Being kinder to myself
  • Eating better, or at the very least, less than I do now and limiting sugar and fats
  • Wearing my corsets more often!
  • Reconnecting with the online alternative community
  • Writing more often, especially letters to friends and family
  • Dressing up more—who cares if I'm not going anywhere?
  • And, of course, using my blogs and other social media platforms more often! My life ties in with PDV, too.
So I have my work set out for me! I very much look forward to everything! This isn't a Hot Blood Workout, as I used to call things like this. Those never worked, except the amazing one in 2012 that still blows my mind at how awesome that year was...This. Is. BAT FIT!

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