Sunday, April 24, 2016

The long years...

I hate Blogger, right now. A very important entry, Life after Job Corps, was accidentally deleted, no thanks to their shitty mobile application that has some fucking serious bugs. I am beyond pissed off that entry is gone.

I left a very angry report for them.

In other news, I imported all 120-something entries from my handful of earlier blogs into ADMiDT 2k16 (this blog). Wow. I had some transitions going on. To think I went from

in the duration of time I've been blogging. 

I've come a long way.

Speaking of my transition after leaving my family's religion, I plan on talking about that a lot, too. In fact, to make things easier, I have started a list of topics I plan on covering from now on. I will also publish most of my old entries from ADMiDT 2011 - 2012, within reason, since some of them...Well, I don't feel quite too keen about them, anymore. Not to mention there is no reason to publish entries that had my old videos in them since they're all private, now. In the future, I may upload parts of those videos with my new videos...Just for people to actually see what I was like, back then...

As for Bat Fit 2k16, things aren't going so well at the very moment, even before I decided to actually start BF2k16. Mr. Stark and I are currently on a tight budget, so...that explains itself. This weekend was lazy, meaning I did almost nothing but sleep, so let's not talk about that. Usually, I walk every other day or so. There's a hill I have to go up to get back home, so that takes care of the brunt of my cardio workouts...

What I meant to talk about, I don't quite remember, anymore, be it I've tried to finish this entry five times without success. What I can say now is that I plan to get back into the swing of posting regularly both here and on the BBTxx very soon—hopefully this week. Starting...tomorrow, maybe?

Oh, and...the BBTxx is under construction, so I have the entries hidden for now.

Just a brief update~

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