Sunday, June 4, 2017

Arts & Ideas...?

Yesterday was June 3, the day that the Festival of Arts and Ideas begins in Downtown New Haven. So I went out yesterday to not only kill time before seeing Wonder Woman with my older brother, but to also see if the festival started.

Nothing on the Right

Nothing on the Left
So where were the festivities?

Since there was nothing going on, I decided to get something I hadn't had in a long time.

Beet Smoothie from Claire's
Claire's Corner Copia has been a family favorite—and a city favorite—since inception. They are 100% vegan and vegetarian and, as it suggests, is indeed located on a corner in the heart of Downtown New Haven. Lovely place, I suggest it to all!

I had one of two beet juice smoothies. It had spinach, apples, apple juice, and, of course, beets in it, but I can't remember its name for the life of me, or the total ingredients...

There is also this lovely, truly fantastic place called the W Bench Gallery. It's a hippy sort of place, with incense, oddities, and lots and lots of things hanging everywhere. I didn't take a picture because I...honestly didn't want to. It's a treasure of a place, it is.

There, since I had a bit to spare, I got some new sunglasses and more pins to add to my pin collection from there. I am a budding pin collector, and thus far I only have my pins on my Bebe backpack that I would like to act as if it is not Bebe, so I cover it to death in pins, and my tophat with the Goblin King Jareth pin on it.

These lower two pins give you an idea of the fandoms I love, and are the only ones I have of fandoms, actually...I'd love to get Kingdom Hearts, One Piece, and Devil May Cry ones...

The rest are the pins I'm really proud of. Three band pins—The Sisters of Mercy at the top right, Alien Sex Fiend on the top left, and Steam Powered Giraffe on the bottom—and two anti-social pins, followed by the Very Necessary music is my religion pins. They are so necessary, I got two.

The new ones are the three in the middle. I have another, but am not sure where to put it, yet...

I never really saw the purpose of pins until recently, likely because until recently, I never saw any of interest. Pins and patches. I have plans for patches in the future, and am avidly trying to find that special vest to eventually adorn with both pins and patches alike.

The vest I currently have that I may pimp out is...unfortunately, a very obvious not!black that is more...greenblack. I despise greenblack of all the not!black colors.

...So, then. Wonder Woman.

The movie Don't get me wrong, I believe wholeheartedly that it is the best live-action DC movie of the ones we've been given in the past handful of years...But it was extremely boring to me. I'm just not for the tropes and stereotypes found in Hollywood nowadays. I desire something more. So much more...which it seems I must make myself...

I plan to go out today, too, but that will be in a few hours or so. It seems to be a grey day. Until then, I am trying to put together the Right Outfit to wear while listening to some tunes.

I'll try to take more pictures, promises.

Oh, and these are my sunglasses, by the way.

This is all of them...for now
The one at the very front is the newest. And the smallest. If I didn't keep losing them, I'd have a marvelous collection of round-frame sunglasses. MARVELOUS, I tell you!!!!

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