Sunday, August 27, 2017

2k17 Hopes & Ideas, cont.

I forgot to mention something in my last entry, mainly because it's not something actively on my mind. But it should be!

A huge hope for 2k17 is to go to the Rhode Island Comic Con, like I did last year! If I could, I'd love to go with my brother and mother...but...if it comes to it...I might have to go with only one of them—hopefully not alone, though. If the latter really does come into play, at least I can say I am familiar with both the hotel I'm eyeing and the Downtown area of Providence; I lived in RI for a year, after all. 

I met R2 last year! 
It's very exciting, to be planning all of this. HOWEVER. I feel as if I'm planning a bit...too late. Granted, there are still 2 1/4-ish months left, but...AUGH. I completely forgot all about it, that's why! This is the sort of thing people plan a year in advance!! I'll be dining on nothin' but ramen for the next few months, by the looks of it!

...Which isn't a bad idea, in itself, except...none too healthy...unless I do something like this awesomeness right here...

Savor that veggie goodness

...That's what I'm talkin' about...

SO. There are some things to consider, here.

Doesn't seem like carpooling is exactly a thing to do. I don't mind the train...and I don't see a problem with the ticket prices...except. I would love to get a picture taken with LeVar Burton, Sean Astin, STEVE BLUM...!!! And this time, maybe, an actual picture with Doug Walker, a.k.a. That Guy With Glasses a.k.a. Nostalgia Critic?! BUT THE PHOTO OPS ARE LIKE. $50+ EACH. FFFFFFFFUUUUUUU—


...Yeah. I admit, I'd be happy enough with just going. It's not something I can actually do normally, so...*sigh* much as I'd love to actually see the aforementioned celebs up close and personal—let alone have a picture with them—just going to such an event should be good enough for me.

It should be.

Likely, it will be.

...In the meantime...back to planning out what my ramen routine will be until November 9th...

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