Friday, December 1, 2017

NaNoWriMo 2k17

November was horrible.

That is no lie.

Around the 12th of the month, however, I began to formally write out an original story called Human Shed Skin. I was writing out quite a bit...and then, out of nowhere, I decided to attempt NaNoWriMo on the 17th. It was pretty much the middle of the month, and I was a little concerned about my ability to write, but I went for it, anyway. 

Well, turns out, I did okay.

For the first time in my life, I finished the first draft of a novel. By extension, I finished a novel. For the first time ever. Not that it's something I'm super happy with, as it's just the first draft, but. I did it. In less than a month, too, since I started on the 17th!!

So, now I'm writing the third draft of Human Shed Skin and it's looking much better. I'm just sort of stuck on chapter nine since I'm horrible at transitioning with time-skips. Ugh. I'll write as many drafts as I need to make this perfect!!! I love my boys~♥

In the meantime, now that December has started, I'm going to put HuShS aside for a little while (if I can; I'm a sucker for going back to beloved works) and continue focusing on my fanfics, since my hiatus will be over in January. I need to have at least one or two chapters done for each fic I'm working on done by then! More deadlines, more deadlines...

Also! Today, someone left me a comment on one of my most beloved fanfiction on Archive of Our Own!

I have to start focusing on school, now, unfortunately. I'm really not looking forward to any of that, especially since my writing mojo is currently at its peak. It always happens this way; I have to do something "important" that I hate just when I'm starting to do something or have something I really love that I want to spend all my time with!


So. That was November. A sucky month, as far as personal life goes, but a good, productive month, as far as my personal work goes. Somewhat. Ish.

...Naw, it was okay.

Now. Now I must return to Life™. That means cleaning out my refrigerator of spoiled food (shame, I know), clean the apartment of dust and dirt and disorganization, start studying for a loathsome test that is in two weeks, and...That's what I'm really resenting, right now. Returning to Life™. Fucking hell...

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