Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Upcoming and current projects, intentions

'Lo, ev'ryone. As you've probably noticed, I haven't streamed (or blogged here, but that's a separate issue) in a while. πŸ˜• I want to, but motivation is...extremely low. I suffer from a very debilitating mental condition and it's pretty much overwhelmed and pushed back everything I've ever wanted to be done in my life...especially within the past decade.

Regardless, there was a period when I was doing pretty well. I want to get back to that. I'm so far planning to return to streaming in November. πŸ™πŸΎ

In the meantime, I've started working on my "future magnum opus" novel God Noise...again. For the 13th time. πŸ˜’ Specifically for the 8.3.13th time. What that means is that this is the 8th version, 3rd attempt, and 13th revision. Ugh.

I say God Noise is a "future magnum opus" but hell if I really know. It's just always felt like one...or it feels like it has the absolute potential to be one. I did complete it...once...two years ago. It'll soon be three years ago in December. I want to surpass my then-wordcount of 150k words. That' Going to be an attempt, for sure. πŸ˜…


To reiterate, streaming is one of the things at the top of my list to do again. I miss it. My schedule should be something like streaming every day or every other day at 7PM EST. πŸ™‚ Well, conditions permitting, that is.

November is the best time to return to streaming! November is, of course, National Novel Writing Month. I would be streaming and working on some one-shots for this month's 31D31S (31 Days, 31 Stories) challenge but...πŸ˜“ Well, we won't talk about that.


There are two main stories I'm working on right now. I want everyone to know about my beloved stories! πŸ₯°

God Noise Vol. I: Echo

Of course. Need I say anything more about this, really?

To elaborate, God Noise has changed considerably from 2020, and even from a few months ago when I was still working on vers. 7! Goddamn, was it really just a few months ago that I was sticking to that gahd-awful method of writing the story?! 😩 SO glad I've given that up...

For this vers. 8, everything has changed!! No longer am I following a fucking awful and useless blueprint! I can't wait to talk more about it. 😊

Human Shed Skin: Book Two

I have said the name of Human Shed Skin's second novel but just in case I haven't, I won't be saying its name here. 🀐

The first Human Shed Skin novel is complete! It's currently being uploaded to both AO3 and Tapas! Check them out, I beg you! πŸ₯Ί New chapters are being uploaded today! Two!




During the uploading of said story, I came to notice some...flaws. Really fucking annoying flaws. So, in the future, there will be another version of Inhuman! 😭 I'm so sorry, ev'ryone. I just can't stop it, can I?


Hoo, boy. There are three places I'd love to blog at in the meantime: GaiaOnline, SpaceHey, and my official blog, The Maggoty Textbook. That's love to blog at, not necessarily a given. BUT! I'll try my damnedest.


I've always wanted to go back to the music-related GaiaOnline entries I used to do all the way back in 2007. Wow, that was a time. 😊 This time, it'll be commenting and pseudo-reviewing all music I enjoy and find myself listening to, from live concerts and videos to music videos and songs I obsess over and more! 😁 Should be fun, honestly!


Ayyyy, I'm there again! 😲 Looking forward to it, this time, and I'll be sure to set limits this time and make more of an effort to get to know people. *Nods seriously* 😀 I also have to work extensively on my fucking profile. It's a mess...and I can't get my profile pic to STAY WHERE I WANT IT, DAMMIT!! (╯‵□′)╯︵┻━┻

I'll probably write the same entries from Gaia here, too. I don't see why not? It'll allow people to get to know me better! After all, Music is My Religion™.

The Maggoty Textbook (here)

My official blog. Ah, how it has been ignored and avoided since I have nothing to talk about, sincerely. But I'll see what I can talk about, even if it's just about my writing and how it goes usual...

We'll see.

That's it, really! We shall see how it all works out!

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