Thursday, September 1, 2022

Patreon ideas and more πŸ€”

'Lo, ev'ryone! Back with more thoughts for what I realize is essentially 2023 and perhaps late this year... πŸ˜•

I haven't been feeling good for the past week or two. I waited direly for last month to be over, goddammit. And finally, it is! So, I might be able to do the things I actually want this month...if I'm smart.

And I note. I am not. 😞

Anyway. Patreon! I've always wanted to have a Patreon, and I do have one, actually. Thing is, I've always wondered what to put on the damned thing. πŸ˜• I've struggled with this a lot. I think I officially launched two years ago and haven't been able to get a single subscriber even once! 😩

Ahem, so, my more recent intentions are as such...

No more masterlists, more content!

So, at the moment I only have masterlists on my Patreon. While this is good, it's redundant. I need actual content. And since I have some attention on my story Inhuman, which is on AO3 and, I plan to upload some scenes from previous versions/drafts of the story onto Patreon for patrons!

...The question is...when? πŸ˜• At the moment, I'm gunning for 2023 when I have an idea of how all of this is going to work since...erm...I'm literally just coming up with this stuff now as I type. πŸ˜…

Teasers & Excerpts Month

Best time for me to do this is in February since it's my self-invented Teasers & Excerpts Month! That whole thing never worked, no matter how many times I've tried to redo it, that I have some eyes on at least one of my works, I might be able to do something for next year's T&EM! 

Also, I may have to change T&EM a bit...It might have to be more frequently, like twice a year, or even just more than just Fridays during the event itself...? πŸ’­


Skipping January 2k23's 31D31S...again

Yeah. πŸ˜“ This has to happen so I can focus on my T&EM in February. I plan on trying much harder to get my name out there as a This is something I have to do. Maybe, if I have time, I'll try again in August 2k23...😦

Reiterating on blogging

Lastly, to reiterate, I'll try blogging fully starting this January. SpaceHey, GaiaOnline, and here, the Textbook.

That's the plan with both Patreon and my entries here on my official blog as well as what I plan to do next/this year! I'll be announcing things as I go along on my SpaceHey, of course. 

...I hope. πŸ™πŸΎ

As for my writing, it's going...well? Better than I thought, though I am a bit stuck with chapter 12 of God Noise Vol. I, I think. Or 11? Whichever. πŸ˜…

I also want to announce that by January, I hope to somehow have my Discord server, Qarollverse, ready for new members!! 😁

Thanks for reading! πŸ’•

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