Monday, May 1, 2023, that happened

There's a hole in the world...and it's full of shit.

'Lo, 2023. I'm back on Blogger because why did I leave to begin with? It's just what I need and I love it, honestly. So, here I am.

What have I to talk about...Well, some things have changed. Namely, I've ridden the internet of Paneidoverse save for one location (Campfire Explore) and God Noise is lucky that it has a complete draft or I would've dropped it hard a long time ago.

Seriously. Fuck God Noise.

*Sighs* One good thing to come from all of that I pretty much imposed a job on myself. I've reworked the "Qarollverse". *Shudders* That name is horrendous. It is now...*drumroll* Candelabræm Books!

No idea how this is going to fully work as far as a Kickstarter goes, but. I do have three books completed that I can hand out. So that should be on my side...? Somehow?

The books that I plan to publish under Candelabræm are:

  • Inhuman
  • Passions of the Lune
  • God Noise

Fuck God Noise. Fuck it hard.


These three books, while complete, have something not in common. That being...they are in various stages of "complete" despite having actual complete versions. Goddammit.

How would I explain this...

Candelabræm Books is the final incarnate, and my final bet, of the dream company I invented in 2006. It's gone through several incarnations and even has a sub-project (Paneidoverse) that's practically gone nowhere over the past sixteen years. I'm so tired.

Now, I currently have the beginnings of a Kickstarter going. If I were to pitch it, I'd have to have...something. Something tangible to give out. Therein lies the problem. Or is it a problem...?

I've seen other places go around this by not offering anything tangible. I mean, rather, that they haven't offered anything that can actually be seen in pics. They just say what they have and people have no choice but to put faith in their words...

...I'll talk more about this later. I've work to do...

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