Monday, November 20, 2023

Settle for the "bull's run"? | Something something 2023

This year has Been to the psyche ward a housemate...found pieces of my soul dissipating bit by bit. Good shit, man. πŸ™ƒ

Let's take a moment to review 2023, shall we? Because this year was just so fucking great, it's worth going over. πŸ˜’

February 2023

In February, I got me a housemate, someone I've known for some years now. Problem is, I don't like her. And I told her that while I was at the hospital. You can imagine how well that went over, and she is currently staying at friends' and/or family's for the holidays or something. 

Why did I take her in, you're probably wondering?

I didn't want her to be homeless. πŸ™ that backfired. Epically.

But apparently, I'm the asshole in this situation. Very well. Nothing new there.

I also went to the psyche ward in February, but before my housemate moved in. Didn't stay long but there I stayed nonetheless.

In-between 2023

There's literally nothing to talk about here, so let's move on to September.

September 2023

Haha. My burffday month!

Nothing happened.

Moving on... πŸ˜’

November 2023

Here we are today. Also went to the psyche ward, for three weeks, which I've been back from for about a week now. During my stay, as I said, I told her that I didn't like her. I am nothing if not an honest bastard. That's going to epically backfire, too, I just know it...

Expect my return to the ward in a few weeks. I can feel it.

Also, there seems to be something going on with NaNoWriMo? Something pretty skeevy. I don't like it, but NaNo has helped me so much I think I'll just ignore what happened for now.

You fucking heard me right.

The 'x' button is up in the corner, man. No one's stopping you from using it. πŸ–•πŸΎ

That's that. That's the review of 2023. December is just an early harbinger to 2024, so...fuck it.

New Year's resolution? Huh. Fuckin' don't end up in the psyche ward again but that's a joke. So, at the very least, my resolution is to...

...not kill myself? πŸ€ͺ I'unno, man. I just don't fucking know.

Nor do I care, really.

...Seriously, why the fuck do people follow me online?

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