Sunday, February 18, 2024


So, 2024 is here, at fucking last. 

I'm not at all looking forward to most of this...

What's happening for 2024? The best thing, I suppose, is that this is the year I plan to work on Candelabræm Books again! I wasn't able to launch it due to...well, rushing all the planning and whatnot. 

Putting this back up, yeah. 😀

I am happy to talk about this again. It means so much to me... 🥰 In any case, that is the reason I am working on my internet...uh. Things? Again. For the umpteenth time. Such internet...things?...include:

  • Bluesky
  • Twitter
  • My blog
  • My rant blog
  • Tumblr
  • CharacterHub
  • Substack

...etc. The only thing I can't really promise is using Tumblr. 😕 I don't know how to use that damn site. 

So far, I think I can work on the...Twitter-wannabes and etc sites. CharacterHub, I need to go back to it. I haven't been there in a while, maybe a week or two? Substack...yeah, I need to work on that. It's kind of...full of blog stuff instead of newsletter stuff. Yeeaaaaah...

I can't type well right now because I'm listening to something while working on this, but, eh. Fun stuff I'm listening to...


That reminds me of my last entry. 😃 

Blackboxx Texts '24+

Ahh, I have so many new entries I can work on for 2024 in the BBTxx. 😈 Heh. Especially with things that have been happening lately. Not just with others, but with me. Like the whole pedophile thing. 🙄 It's nothing that keeps me up at night, but definitely something I need to mention at least once. 

That's why the BBTxx exists, you see. It's an "at least once" type thing. Once I mention it, unless it comes up in a different way or circumstance, I try very hard not to mention it again. That's just me, though. 

While I listen to this story on YouTube, it just gives me more of an incentive to work harder on BBTxx. I love...just BBTxx. 🥰 Fortunately, there's no one I will be posting about this time; that last entry was...a...moment. I cannot stand stupidity. That was such an incident, and the reason why I went in so hard is because there is a conversation there...except. It was such an absurd fuckin' argument... 🙄

...there's so much hypocrisy in our society, I fuckin' swear...


There's a part of me that is 10000% sure I'll never be an author. Well, technically I am an author...but that' Questionable...*looks at my writing*...yeah. 😬 😭

...Since this seems to be going nowhere... 😅 

...I'm just going to end here. 🙍🏾‍♂️

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