Thursday, September 1, 2011

Mall haul (late)

God wasn’t mad at me, today~! My brother took me to the mall~! Sort of. Bah, fact of the matter is I went~! LUGGING AROUND A 17-INCH LAPTOP. But I did it~! Went to three places: GameStop, Claire’s and Hot Topic. OH, Claire’s is niiice! It’s an accessory shop, pretty much, as well as cosmetics here and there. Really nice! I’d love to go there again. Maybe buy some cheap cosmetics just to begin testing makeup (meaning using me as a guinea pig). Best thing is that all three stores are real close to one another and near the exit. There’s also an H&M and a Forever 21 in the mall, but we didn’t have time to go there. I’m going to have to take a Shitty Webcam Pic of the things I bought later.

From Claire's I bought buckled armwarmers and from Hot Topic I bought some much-needed suspenders and...THE NEW DIR EN GREY CD, Dum Spiro Spero~!! I haven't even listened to it yet! But like my Deathstars CD, Night Electric Night, and The Nightmare Before Christmas soundtrack, I'm going to rip the songs into MP3s and then store the CD away until I can find a proper place to put my CDs! That'll also keep the CDs in pristine condition~ This makes my total of music CDs...three. *Falls to knees* Such a long way to go...

The Hot Topic near me...has totally sold-out. OH, it's pathetic. It's nowhere near as decent as it used to be. Once upon a time, there were two wonderful sized racks of music from my chest to the floor filled with alternative music, but now...only two puny "walls", if they can even be called that, that aren't even used right to take advantage of the space they have and WHY THE HELL IS JUSTIN BIEBER THERE?! You can find his music anywhere! The albums that I found there the very first time I went couldn't be found anywhere offline within a music store, or at least the ones I went into! Why do they have such a small selection of music now, and not even good music at that!? I probably won't even see Dum Spiro Spero again after a few weeks!

Oh, bah. There's nothing that interests me in this Hot Topic anymore. I miss the Tripp NYC stuff. Where're the cool armwarmers they had?? What happened to the hats?? They carried some decent stuff in there once upon a time! They haven't even started putting any Halloween stuff up, yet...There's something seriously wrong with that! Even Claire's had Halloween stuff in it! They're late, man. Seriously late for an "alternative" store. They sold-out. End of discussion. And this lil' deviant is pissed. I knew I should've bought from them sooner...

My brother bought four PS2 games from GameStop~ We have two fifth generation video game consoles (Playstation One and Nintendo 64) and two sixth generation video game consoles (PlayStation 2 and GameCube) and we still have a lot of games to buy for all four systems. My brother was very nice and also bought a new GameStop PS2 controller since he bought Soul Calibur 3. The other three games are Tomb Raider: Legend (MY NEW FAVE~), Hitman: Blood Money and Hulk: Ultimate Destruction for him. You won't catch me dead playing Hulk: Ultimate Destruction. It's soooo boring to me. I somewhat enjoy watching my brother play it, though. I'm totally loving Tomb Raider. It's like The Legend of Zelda with guns, a female lead and an Indiana Jones sort of setting. 

So, I guess this was a nice late Eid shopping day. I'm happy. :)

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