Thursday, September 1, 2011

Holy book thumpers pt. 2

Same woman from that previous post and my thoughts about what I classify as "holy book thumpers".

Searched her blog for anything with the word "goth" in it and, well, lookie what other post I came upon....

So this one is from a woman who asked about multiple piercings, which is something I am going to get into, regardless. Fucking stupid...First of all, it opens with a sentence that pisses me off:

"[The sisters are] now thinking beyond their surrounding environment and taking the most important step that is questioning the different behaviors people are blindly taking."

"Blindly taking", what the...?! 

Okay, fine. Not getting a tattoo or getting your teeth permanently changed (into fangs, say) is something I can deal with as a Muslim; there are plenty of alternatives like Scarecrow fangs and henna tattoos. But THIS:

"...most Muslims have fallen, due to many factors, such as: media, peers…etc in the obsession of attraction and fashion, these delusions were illusions wrapped   into “I just want to look different” and “feel special about myself”. All that deluded them away from the main identity as Muslims, i.e. being liberated from worshiping anything, or anyone other than Allah Almighty, that’s what makes you special and important."

"Have fallen"? She seriously uses this language?! And what the hell is wrong with individuality, expressionism and looking different? Illusions and delusions! 

"Is this the custom or tradition of a deviated group? If so, then remember the prophet peace be upon him had said: “Whoever imitates a people, he is one of them”, a hadith narrated by many of the prophets companions: Abdallah Ibn Omar ibn Alkhattab who used to be so carful on imitating the prophet peace be upon him, even in the way he tied his animal. Hudhayfa, the companion who the prophet peace be upon him had told him the names of all the hypocrites in Madina. The companion that Omar Ibn Alkhattab used to follow from one place to another, just to tell him if he were from them or not." 

Then she goes on to cite quotes from Hadiths and whatnot that pretty much sums up that it's fine to "heavily load" your ears and get your nose pierced if you're a woman. BUT:

"As for the tongue, stomach, eyebrow and other body parts piercing. It is definitely the behavior of deviated groups, not to mention the medical side effects, therefore harram. Imitating deviated groups is not just in the piercing, but in any behavior. I ask Allah to protect us from any deviation, and deviations that have been made to seem as norms and “cosmetics”. Unfortunately many Muslims are now imitating gothics in the way they dress, not knowing that imitating a group means you are part of them, as the prophet peace be upon him said."

Medical side effects? Has this woman never seen a person with such piercings before? Last I checked, a good lot of them are perfectly healthy in terms of "medical side effects" from the piercing. I want to smack someone. Where is my whip?

Sure, there are alternatives to piercings. There are fake piercings that I hope to get, but that's to see how the piercing would look on me before getting permanent ones. That's it. This is the shit I'm going to have to go through. But, boy, am I hope to be one happy mofo one day.

I will be.

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