Friday, March 23, 2012

Did I change my religion?? didn't. I just like crosses.

Currently the two I have
I try to keep my interests away from my dad. We have never seen eye to eye about anything...except seafood. I definitely got that from him. And god forbid he ever saw my computer wallpapers. Or my coffin. Or my corset purse....or my crosses. But, alas. He saw one by accident while I was waiting for a ride. He saw it, made The Face™, and, well...

*Sigh* And, as many of us do nowadays, I did the stupidest thing I could possibly do. As a way to sigh and just get it over with, I posted this picture on my second Facebook account explaining how I just like symbols and nothing more. Was that really so hard to understand? I did this because I didn't want to bother with explaining it to them when I would be seen wearing my crosses in public. But I received an interesting reply from, I suppose you could say...She asked if I had changed my religion. Mind you, she's never talked to me prior to me uploading the picture. So. I I just like crosses.

Symbols and shapes have never meant much to me when it comes to what they may represent. I respect them fully and understand what they generally represent, even cry over them when I see them in an emotional situation or time, but my personal take on them has almost always been different. I see most symbols, especially ones that existed hundreds of years ago, as beautiful designs, and I know that may irk many, or just that: a symbol or shape, with no real definition to what it means. It's something that may appear in nature, or something that show in an accidental creation...I can't recall ever seeing a symbol that really meant something to me.

As for actual meanings behind symbols, I try to know them before I wear a symbol so I can at least understand why people would react in negative ways. I don't want to be ignorant. I've designed my own symbols for as long as I can remember, and even created the Project DV symbol by complete mistake while doodling. Perhaps that is why I simply see most symbols as designs.

Some of my favorite symbols/shapes are the cross (all variations, sans the crucifixion), swastika (all variations), pentagram (all variations), spade, question mark, coffin, and music notes. Why? I think they're amazing designs.

So did I change my religion just because I wear a cross, which to most, represents Christianity...?


I just like symbols. Nothing else, and nothing more.

ON ANOTHER NOTE! I reached 31 followers!! Wow! Thank you so much everyone! ;D


  1. I think youre awesome! Many goths wear the cross without being christians.

  2. I have a really fancy Celtic knotwork cross necklace... I wear it mostly because it's pretty, even if it's sort-of an elemental cross, but I do sometimes worry that I am going to come over as Christian to people, and that I might be misappropriating their symbol. It bugs me sometimes when I see non-Pagans wearing pentacles and pentagrams, and I wonder if some Christians feel that way about a me wearing a cross. To me, wearing a symbol is shorthand for saying you agree with what it represents, and so I try to only wear symbols if I agree with their meaning.

  3. I love this post. I think you make an interesting point :)