Sunday, March 25, 2012

Repost: my take on the lolita fashion

This is a repost of a rant I made in early 2011 when I was just starting out on Blogger

And this is still a rant. You have been warned.

Never even wore the style and I've grown out of it. There's plenty of reason behind my decision...First, what is it about lolita I found interesting? Hm. The dresses, maybe. The overall silhouette, when it was done right. Never liked most of the poof-poof, though. I always thought a-line dresses to be much more appealing and so much more practical.

What is it I like about the aristocrat style? Everything! Aristocrat...What does the word mean? The word alone makes one thing of elegant, proper and mature adults of the 18th century and whatnot, eh? I know it does to me.

This is a lolita style I can do, and aristocrat, of course | Image from Wikipedia

Elegance...sophisticaiton...maturity...things you don't often see with most lolitas, who try to be "sweet" and "childish". I wouldn't say childish if I hadn't seen it myself, okay? The thought of that annoys me...way too much. Childish...The hell did that come from? When I pictured lolita, I always saw it as doll-like, delicate and elegant, not childish. The heck with the pat-a-cake games and singing ring around the rosies?? Childish! Now, don't mind me if that's what you actually want to do, but jeez, man. It totally shattered my imagery of lolita. What a turn-off...

Now, I'm not saying I don't acknowledge the more mature lolita styles...not that it seems as if many people wear those styles...It's just...if I was going to put in all that effort to wear the more mature lolita styles, I might as well have my inner lolita grow up and become an aristocrat. Would I test this theory and dress lolita? No. No thank you. I plan to have some lolita pieces in the future, but actually be considered a lolita? God, no. Please no. Aristocrat, please.

And no. I have nothing against lolitas. Don't even start.

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