Thursday, July 26, 2012

Religion, beliefs, and I

As you know, I was born and raised Muslim.

I believe in quite a lot of what is taught in Islam, especially the more important aspects such as the Angels, Books, Messengers, and life after death. It's the somewhat or absolute smaller but prominent issues that I have near extreme conflicts with.

  • Heaven
    - How can a non-Muslim not be able to go to Heaven? I believe any good person should after they die. So you mean to tell me Mother Theresa isn't in heaven right now? You mean to tell me the nicest, most loving and beautiful people in my family won't be going to heaven just because they aren't MUSLIM? You. Have GOT to be out of your fucking mind. Religion and belief should have nothing to do with it.
  • Love
    - If one truly loves another person, no matter who, what age or what gender they are, and are loved in return, shouldn't they be allowed to love in peace? Why is loving someone of your gender a sin? Love is so powerful...I believe it should be something respected and admired, not shunned and blasphemous.
  • Gender
    - Yes, one may physically male or female. But if it were so wrong to feel the opposite or both genders, why is such a thing in existence? How can one help themself if that is how they truly feel? Are they to live in depression and confusion because of their body or their mindset? That makes no sense to me.
  • On a lesser note, prayer.
    - I personally do not like nor do I feel comfortable praying the way Muslims are supposed to. This may change in the future, who knows. But right now...I prefer and enjoy praying quietly. Anywhere. Anytime. Quietly, aloud; it doesn't matter. Not physically, at least not the way Muslims are told to.
And a plethor of other things I can't recall off the top of my head.

I will always continue to follow the aforementioned Islamic beliefs. Always. And I will probably always consider myself a Muslim, especially in my heart...But a few others, specifically I cannot, will not accept them, no matter how hard I've tried. No. No, no, NO. I refuse. It infuriates me to so much as consider...

...I've been considering adapting other beliefs to the beliefs I already have. Something that makes a lot of sense to me or interests me. Maybe something to fill in some voids...I don't know, really, maybe not. Forgive me, I don't even know what I'm saying...

In the beginning, typically, I considered Wicca. In some ways, I'm still considering Wicca, but not too extensively. There are some Wiccan practices that resonate so well with me...perhaps I will adapt those. I recently did some research on very interested. It made me smile just reading about it. Animism and the that "religious truth [can] be found through nature" really gets to me. That and...oh, I love the idea of being connected to nature, as I really want to be a homeopath, herbalist, follow the macrobiotic philosophy, and...ehe...I have always dreamed of being a "neighborhood witch"...

...Yeah, okay, I should have kept that to myself...

So...Neo-Druidism and Wicca are currently very promising for me...I'm even getting...a the mere thought of all of this...

...and maybe a little sad, too...


  1. I started off going for Wicca, and even now I will tell people that even though I'm just pagan now. I've found myself disenchanted with any form of organized religion ( including covens). I prefer to incorporate many beliefs from many places as well. It's a bit crazy to my catholic family, but I feel more whole now than I did when I had to go to church. I just take what clicks in my head as a truth and carry from there.

  2. Hey hey missy :) I can relate, my father is a Baptist minister and I have shall we say strayed from the path? I won't ever totally shun my Christian roots, however there are a LOT of philosophies and things the Bible says that I could never apply to myself in real life. For instance. Turn the other cheek. Sorry but I believe in an eye for an eye. It's how I've survived. It's okay to carve your own path and it's healthy, you SHOULD be excited xxx

  3. As a neighborhood witch, it always makes me smile when others spark an interest, but don't assume we're all sunshine and rainbows and drum circles. We've got our own rafts of bullshit, just like any other group.

    I usually recommend that people read "The Wild Hunt" blog over at Thoughtful writing, intelligent comment threads, and a wide range of Pagan flavors represented (Wicca may be the most well-known, followed by Druidry, but they're hardly the only flavors on the menu).

    Ramadan Murbarak, if you're observing. If not, then Happy Thursday.

  4. I feel the same way about the Gender bit you mentioned esp when it comes to Christianity. It almost hurts me a little bit to think that I cold be eternally damned for just being gay which I can not entirely help. Also, I have thought about turning to Paganism and Wicca because I have always been fascinated by it and even more recently since meeting people who are Wiccans and Pagans.