Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Devil's Carnival is coming to CT!!

LOOKIT! LOOOOOK! RIGHT HERE, the words do not lie!! IT'S COMING TO CT!! Oh, why did it have to be so far away?? Aw, I thought it was closer, but it's literally near the capital...There's a very teeny tiny chance I might be able to go. There's the fact that I have no money whatsoever, no way of getting there except by public transportation...*sigh* And the likelihood of my brother wanting to take me there is...very...very...slim...

So far, the directions I have from Google Maps state I may be able to get there in about three leave at five o'clock? Ugh. Then there's the fact that it takes place at 9 PM and might...



This isn't going to happen.

...Just when I was complaining about nothing in my interests happening here...something does happen...Oh, what a mess..

I guess I'll just keep looking for solutions until the date...


  1. I went to the first tour they did when they hit Seattle! It was amazing! Sadly they're not hitting Washington again :/
    I hope you get to go!

  2. you are lucky. On their first tour the movie hit every other major city around me, the closest one being El Paso, TX which is a 6hr drive south. I had tried to make it to the Denver one which is 7hrs north, but ended up with out money myself. I highly recommend swinging it if you can. my friends who did make it say it was the best time they've had at the movies