Monday, March 4, 2013

An Introduction: Stage Three

Yo. In case you were lucky enough to have never read my first blog, the name's Mar. I'd prefer it that you call me Mar or Mareonet ("ma-ray-o-nay"). I'm a complicated, diverse youngster and I consider myself part of many alternative subcultures. This is my second blog, a sort of rant chronicle of my my stage three, which is hopefully a hella lot more interesting than my stage two. What do I mean by stages, you ask?

My first stage, stage zero, was doing what every child does: what they're told. I believed what I was told. I did what I was told. Or in other words, I was simply that. A child. Innocent, for the most part, and my little heart untainted. My stage one was the stage of rebellion and figuring out what my likes and dislikes are, but still pretty much too afraid to break out of my protective mold as much as I wanted to, around ages ten to fifteen. Stage two was when I was beginning to travel on the road to my ultimate dreams and who I really want to be, not what others say I should be, believing what I believe to be truth...yet conflicted between myself(s). I was hesitant to dare to do things. That lasted from around age fifteen to nineteen. And now, the beginning of stage three is me daring to be who I am....whoever, that is, I actually am.

I hope for the stage after this to be me on that road to my ultimate dream and already knowing I am indeed who I want to be and no one will change that. I don't care how much someone doesn't like it...

To end this rather strange intro, welcome to my stage three. I'm a ranter, so a lot of entries will still be rants and vents, and interests and shit, but hopefully this blog will include more pictures and bits of my everyday doings instead of what's on my mind.

...But I doubt that.

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