Monday, September 4, 2017

Plans for my YT channel

...Well, there aren't any, really.

The whole idea is to have content out there by people I identify with—specifically in the alternative scene—that isn't the "mainstream" shit that's being uploaded everywhere. I'm tired of seeing it, so I'm uploading the types of things I want to see. Even if someone has a video out there that is similar, that's fine.

But I assure you.

I won't be uploading fucking makeup videos, makeup tutorials, reactions, get ready with me videos, or unboxing videos. What. The. Hell.

What I do plan on doing are reviews on music and manga, and maybe some new products, if there's a good reason—such as the shoes that I'm expecting; if these don't fit me, I'm going to upload a video explaining my troubles and asking if anyone else has experienced them with this particular brand. Because seriously, I've been buying different sizes from this brand (Demonia) for years and nothing fits me, yet. It's very disheartening.

...Anything else, as far as uploads go, is rather out of reach, for me. I don't have a camera, anymore, so there's no hope in that. I'd love to get a camera, again, but...that's a ways away, right now; not on my list of priorities. Once I do eventually get one, the types of videos I can upload broaden by a great margin.

Until then, I will be doing the strange 10-minute rambles that I'm doing now. It's fine with me. I'm just happy to see my videos up, to be honest. Bland topics, rambling; whatever. It's giving me something to do...

...and I like that.

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