Saturday, September 16, 2017

Working the Open Broadcaster Software Studio

It's almost a complete and utter shame that I've gotten this to work on my main computer instead of my laptop. My main PC has a square screen, which, while it doesn't bother me, I admit the rectangular monitors—widescreen—work best for videos. And only my laptop has such a monitor. Of course.

A preview at a video I've made for tomorrow
So, I've uploaded seven videos as of today, with a total of eight, since one is scheduled for tomorrow. I'm taking this YouTubing thing...fairly well...

I feel pretty good about myself, as I figured out how to work this program 99% on my own. It's a really nice feeling. Once I got the gist of its language, if you will, things went pretty well...My main problem is how darned sensitive everything is...but that's probably just my computer, really.

No real complaints, otherwise. This opens up new possibilities for things I could upload to YouTube...

...In other news...I'm still sticking to my hiatus. I've had some slight inspiration, but it dies so easily. Story of my life.

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