Tuesday, September 26, 2017

...and then there's this

Don't you just hate it when you had plans to do or start something at the beginning of a week and it just...blows over horribly?

Yeah. Well.

I had plans to start some videos again, yesterday, but...I have a feeling I won't be able to until later this week. Friday, or something. Which sucks, because I rather liked my upload momentum from earlier this week. Unless...I do something like upload two weeks, not upload two weeks...or at least one. At a time. Or something. I wouldn't mind the latter idea.

Anyway, it's been a bad start to my week in other ways, as well, but I won't talk about that, here.

Oh, and I'm on a working hiatus, yet accidentally uploaded chapter seven of Reverse Kingdom on FanFiction.net. My mistake. But I know no one will read it, anyway...

...Just a little update post.

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