Monday, May 9, 2011

Blog-related updates

I was going over things yesterday (at the wee remains of night and by candlelight...) related to my blogs and ideas. Now, I want you, the reader, to know a few things about the way I work: I always think ahead for what I hope to be related to my dreams/aspirations and in the strangest and slightest ways. In this case, what I do is make "placeholders" online. Not all the time, but very often enough. So, again, in this case, I was thinking about my blogs. At the very moment, literally this very moment, I have three via Blogspot/Blogger, even though the other two are (currently) not listed on my profile. But I hope to have:

  • One blog for my HTML/CSS/whatevertheshat demos and tests;
  • One blog for my personal life that is more...appropriate for my community to read (must I do this? I think so) and is more of an explanation to them (why must I do this? I wonder) and my family about my...choices in life and my (future/journey through my) lifestyle; this might just be my LiveJournal blog instead...;
  • One blog that is for my journey into what I dub the "hard alternative" and gothic subculture(s), which is what I (hope) this blog will (eventually) be;
  • One blog for my journey into the Japanese fashions I like, most notably gothic lolita and gothic aristocrat;
  • One blog that will be "THE" "MY" blog and will ultimately feature all of these things (except the first one) in them and a lot more.
FOr a...Weird. I know. But this is just how I work. I promise it won't be too much...? I look forward to the day all five blogs are up and runnin' the way I want them to be, actually.Though right now I can't make a new one without my friggan cell phone working...

Random update. Primarily for my sake,

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