Monday, May 2, 2011

Random, pointless update

Well, it's been a while since I last posted. Nothing absolutely special has happened since...but nonetheless...

The first thing off the top of my head is this new Asian restaurant located Downtown that has taken the place of the Coldstone Creamery that used to be there. After reading a few lolita blogs, I came upon bubble tea. Never thought anything of it until I entered the restaurant, named Dee Asian Kitchen, earlier last week. I saw they had bubble tea and told myself I'd have it the second time I came around. And yesterday, I did. The flavor was pineapple. I love pineapples. I had some problem with the tapioca at first, considering I didn't think they were sweet at all, but I will try another again!

The first time I went there I had gyoza dumpling with shrimp and yesterday I had their mushroom with shrimp Shu Mai. Looking at what I chose now, I realize those were all appetizers, but...I don't have money to spend on a real meal, unfortunately...At least right now, that is. But next time, I'd like to try their noodle well as their mochi ice cream~ I do love mochi, after all. They have an online 3D menu, so that's helpful for deciding what I'd like to eat before I go Downtown.

 ...Still don't have a camera...or I would've taken pictures...

Well, what else happened...

...Nothing worth talking about.

Things related to my ultimate dream? Nope.


Nothing to rant about, folks.

By the way, I have another follower! Er, viewer? Watcher? "Follower" sounds funny...but nonetheless, thank you!!

I'm beside an idiot at the library who won't stop cussing. I mean...really. Manners. Hell, all of these guys are cussing up storms....

And I finally borrowed the book Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov. I'm a few pages in to him meeting (and interacting) with Dolores, a.k.a. Lolita, the book's namesake. Now, the reason why I'm reading this book is to get an idea of what a pedophile is like, friend of mine is making a novela about a very twisted, inhuman pedophile and ephebophile. Well, it's more so a visit into his mind and how he works...
...and I never expected this bastard of a man in the book, "Humphry Humphry", to be such a....UGH!

Reading this book has also helped with knowing the lolita style from the book. There's nothing similar about them. Literally. There's nothing these two have in common aside from their name. It's like saying the word "frank" is only similar to the name Frank by namesake. Nothing else.

Remember that, peoples!!

*Sigh* Hopefully the next update will be more...interesting. Maybe a movie review, since I've watched a few and have access to a plethora of movies

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