Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Ebay will be the death of me

I ordered a few things last week from Ebay. Today my first package came in the mail. It's a lovely black and silver coffin bag, nothing fancy, but my first ever~! I'd love to go all GIY on it and replace the strap with a chain or something, and since I have nothing to wear with it at the moment, will use it as a trinket box. It currently houses my jewelry. I LOOOVE it. I'm also thinking of selling my musical duck snow globe...the moment I can find a good fricking camera...or steal my brother's for a while...

I know, I know. I'm dead. I've also been sick since last week. So that means I'm behind on school work, since...uh...lazy kicks in overdrive when I'm sick, which doesn't help since I'm Sloth as it is. There's so much I've love to talk about...and plan to do...but right now, that's all talk. Sorry about that...I do plan to do a few movie reviews since I've watched a couple via my brother's Netflix account. Love that site. Finally saw Gypsy 83, so that will be the first I'll review. But should I do a video review or an entry? Or...both?

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