Thursday, December 1, 2011

Movie review: Gypsy 83

I'm no professional, so sorry if this doesn't at all sound sane and coherent. Like the blog states, this is gonna be more of a, you guess it, rant.


I wanted to like this movie. I've read many reviews on it from various bloggers who generally like it. Save one, but I can't remember who that was. But my overall take on it? Out of five stars? Two. Out of ten? Four. Harsh. What's the deal?

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First off, maybe it's just my cynical, impatient self, but I was expecting so much more from this movie, and not because it dealt with goths. Sort of. Suuure, it was great that the main characters are good friends that can tease the shit out of one another (man, I wish I could talk to people the way Gypsy does), are legit goths and the younger, Clive, is just coming out of the closet and all that, but...seriously? If anything, I loved the soundtrack, which is no surprise. But WHY did there have to be so much typical shat in it like many other indie teen angst/grow-up movies? Sex, uncensored. Heavy language, though that didn't bother me so much. Predicable climaxes? Yes. And...I don't know. I was just thoroughly annoyed.

I don't even know how to coherently translate my thoughts of this movie. One scene that made me think the movie wasn't so bad at all was when Clive and Gypsy get to the goth club...and then...for the love of god, did Clive have to say what he said? And then he runs out crying like a little....*ahem* saying that he doesn't fit in anywhere....How the hell did you expect them to take you after doing something so stupid as that!?...Let's just say I've watched enough Lifetime movies to have seen that coming, and let me tell you, it was not a good thought. I didn't like Gypsy. I didn't like Clive, though I tried. I only liked his personality, but his decisions? No. I wanted to STRANGLE Gypsy.

And then the sex scenes. both have one-night stands...and then...both of you get your hearts broken in the worst of ways right after, pretty much? Mm hm. That...could have been executed a little bit differently...instead of just...

To make long story short, since I'm so discombobulated I can't think straight, I did not enjoy or like this movie. It will not be watched again.

Next review: Dumplings.

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