Saturday, December 10, 2011

Movie review: Dumplings

Dumplings is a Chinese mind-and-stomach-bender directed by Fruit Chan. I watched it because it was lat— I mean, early in the morning and I wanted to watch something upon the lines of horror without actually causing me to see nasty, horrible things behind my eyelids when I finally went to sleep. Honestly...I liked it. I give it seven out of ten stars and three and a half out of five stars.


Firstly, I admit I have vorarephilia, so this was right up my alley. Yes, there will be spoilers for the movie.

The beginning is one of the parts that...could have been done better, but maybe the director was trying to give the movie a certain feel to it. It opens with you having no idea what is going on, but you're pulled right into the story. To make it all real short-like, the story is about an aging former-actress, who married a man I think around ten years older than her, eating an extremely expensive but very special dumpling recipe by a woman known as Aunt Mei. Aunt Mei says her recipe will make people younger and she is her best advertisement. How old is she? Never says how old in the beginning, but let's say around...oh, sixty-something...yet looks like a twenty year old. The secret ingredient to her dumplings? Human. Fetuses.

...I like that. I don't see what's so wrong about it. If people, and hell, we know they exist, don't want to have a baby, get an abortion and could give a flying figurine about what the hell happens to the fetus...well, someone could definitely consider that a free meal. If it keeps you alive, why not?

But let's not go's off-topic anyway...

So aside from my own morbid curiosity as to wanting to know what dead ba— fetuses taste like, if it weren't for all of the cut-offs and cliffhangers as to why this, how's that, what the, and who the, I would say this is a ten-star, no-action, yes, there is sex, mind-fucking and should-have-seen-that-coming not-a-horror movie. It's more like disturbing sort that'll cause you to lose or broaden your appetite. At least I saw it in it's original language~

Now who wants Chinese dumplings~?

Next review: Breaking Dawn.

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