Thursday, December 8, 2011

Good news and a list of things to do

I swear I don't even get this much random attention on my birthday...Pizza and soda?? BUT I STILL HAD TO DO THE DISHES?!

Aw, it's okay.

My teacher called and told me I passed my GED. So I must pat myself on my back. I seriously thought I wouldn't have passed and would be going back to school on Monday to the same old thing. She also told me to be happy, so I hope to make another video very soon. That'll make me happy~ On Monday, I'll be looking into what Gateway courses I can take and hopefully check out this place called CT Works so I can prepare myself for job searching and whatnot. So that'll be something new to look forward to.

And now, like what SaryWalrus very oftentimes does, I shall make me a list of things I hope to do during this new month:

1. Check out CT Works and get signed up
2. Upload a video at least once or twice a week
3. Discuss more on my interrogation in detail and 
4. Talk about my love of symbols
5. Make a video about (my) fetishes and phobias
6. Take more visits to the library
7. Organize my online accounts!

And lastly...#8. Attempt to smile more often, even if it's a small one.

Seriously. I don't like smiling unless I'm actually happy. When it comes to posing for a picture it just...doesn't come to me. I like neutral expressions. I'm not saying I'm averse to smiling!! I just like smiling when it just COMES to me, not when I'm told to...However, I've recently (heck, not just recently, now that I think about it) been told that I look sad, like I'm frowning, mean, and on and on...

People, if I was sad, frowning or trying to look mean, YOU WOULD KNOW. Believe me...

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