Monday, October 15, 2012


The word is my therapist might have a vehicle so we can go by my dad's on Friday to pick up my stuffs (or a good lot of it) to take to the new apartment. If successful, I'll hopefully spend my first night there! You know what song I'll be singing if it does happen...

...Also, there is a possibility I could get an internship at my school, or an internship period. If so, I really have to go hunting for clothes...and shoes; the boots I have now kill my feet with the aggressive way I walk...In fact, I think that's my problem. There's NO grace in my walk. I end up running my footwear ragged...
If I get an internship at school, I'll likely do office work, typing and the like, which is fine; I just want to work, dammit. Twenty years old and I've never worked before...Is that weird...? Feels weird to me...

As for getting a camera, I might have to stick with T2 (my laptop)'s webcam and just make more videos! I wish I could carry a camera around to show more things, but...a camera just doesn't seem to be in my measly budget anymore. Believe me, it's just shy of $100, and that sure as hell isn't enough for a decent camera. Sure, there are cameras under $100, but the reviews are driving me insane! There doesn't seem to be a good compromise anywhere! Some people hate the cameras, some people love them, some had problems with quality, some had none...Where the hell is the middle opinion?! So no. Either I get a miracle during Black Friday/Cyber Monday as I did when I got T2, or I'll just stick with his (T2's) webcam, as I said.

Yes. I name my technology.

And yes. They are all males. T2, full name T2.L(EGACY), is named after my dear 2007 Windows XP desktop, Tron. So T2's name stands for "Tron II point legacy", as I bought him in 2010 during the time the second Tron movie came out! It worked perfectly! HAHA.

*Cough* Right. Yeah. No camera. Mm hm..

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  1. My laptop is called Edward... Not a Cullen though, I just like the name Edward! I tend not to admit this because people go Goth + Edward = Twilight and I don't like Twilight!

    I name a lot of my stuff, mostly musical instruments.