Monday, October 15, 2012

My Alias

This is something I've wanted to talk about for a while, since I started this blog, actually.

My alias. Once upon a time this might have been a little more than a simple alias, but that's all really stupid history and fortunately is not that complicated anymore. My alias is Jadell Leigh, a craaaaazy side of me in which I allow myself to be as radical as possible! Emoticons, smilies everywhere! CAPSLOCK! KAHSAKJDSAKLSHAJKSAMLK  keyboard babble! Yeah. I can be like that, but I try to keep it localized to my Jadell accounts.

Accounts under this alias go as far back as 2006, my most long-standing account to this day on, when my common username was Radical Hartless, a username I still love to bits today. I made up that name because...well...I am radical, and I can be heartless...even though it was a joke that "I was not heartless, just hartless"; honestly, though, the name was inspired by Radical Edward from Cowboy Bebop. I see her as a role model of sorts. My common username is now Lenighma, made especially for myself; it is a combination of my alias' last name "leigh" with "enigma", which was the word I used to describe myself back then (now I use devious).

So, the story back then was that Jadell and Elian were close friends, cousins, really. He was the brooding SOB with a snake tongue, she was the, well, radical nutjob you had to take breaks away from to spare your brain cells. They worked together to create stories, but she always stayed within the K+ to OT rating and he did...everything above T. Eh, even though I might still say that, I'm slowly writing more OT+ stories under Jadell's name...

I made up my alias to be undercover, you see. Back then I was heavily conflicted with my likes and always thought I had to hide my real name from the world. I had a "People can't know I'm Muslim!" mindset back then, because of the stories I write and the things I like (wanting to be an erotic novelist, including homoerotica, and all). As time has gone on, I've wanted to use this alias less and less, but because I'm literally on nearly every popular site I can think of off the top of my head (deviantART, SheezyArt, GaiaOnline, JPopAsia, TokyoPop, MangaFox, Nintendo, VampireFreaks, Playlist,, MySpace, the list goes on),'s going to be hard not to use it, especially since I'd love to keep the accounts, just change my username, something that is impossible on more than 80% of these sites without some sort of stupid hiccup. One of the things I hate about being online is having a million accounts everywhere, and because of my alias (and some other person), I literally have well over...oh...perhaps 90 accounts from yesterday and today and perhaps more than 10 email accounts. That's from a span of a mere six years. Ugh. I have accounts I don't even remember having, god forbid...and let's not even go to accounts that have passwords I can't remember!

And why is this mess even existing? All because I was afraid to be who I am.

...I hate this madness...

But...It's history, eh?


So on to the real reason why I'm making this entry: I REEAAAALLLLLYY love my Bleach fanfics and want more people to bask in their goodness!! MUEHAHAHAHA!

Seriously having intense Bleach fever, here...

Also, now you know whenever I show stuff under some crazy chit by the name of Jadell Leigh/Lenighma. a Google search for Lenighma. See what I mean by everywhere?

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