Friday, December 17, 2021

2022 intentions for my online writing

2022 has brought a lot of things to my attention as far as writing goes. There are so many writing programs and even maybe even more places to put one's writing up online that I just...It's boggling.

It's also pretty fucking annoying and frustrating and did I mention it pisses me off to learn about just one more of these damn sites?! πŸ˜’

Prior to leaving World Anvil, I had slight reservations about where to put my work online. I wanted a place where I could a) get good exposure and b) be in a community of some kind. While WA had the latter, the former was sorely missing. WA was, first and foremost, a worldbuilding platform. Writing practically had no place there. And believe me, it showed

I then learned about Royal Road, a...decent alternative to Wattpad, a site that makes me rage. I liked it enough that I put one of my finished and copyrighted stories up there but I've had reservations about it more recently as I've noticed the lack of variety in the content on the site from a distant point of view...

Then, there is my current favorite, Campfire. Campfire is a young, developing program I cannot wait to see the future of. My favorite in particular is Campfire Explore and what can come of that. 

There are plans for monetization of stories/works option in the future, something that recently has me hesitant to upload any more stories to Royal Road. While monetizing my work isn't "my intention" per se, I do like the idea of having all of my work under one banner since Campfire is also where I have my "wikis" for my stories/worlds/projects. That's pretty much what matters more than anything. Keeping things cohesive while having some leeway for nice things.

Finally, there's the most recent and newest place one can upload their writing...

Kindle Vella.


Don't get me wrong. It's a bloody brilliant idea. It's a more "professional" alternative to all of the previous sites like Wattpad, Inkitt, and Royal Road. In fact, if I didn't know about Campfire's intentions, I'd probably want to put my things on Vella. It being connected to Amazon is what makes it so appealing to me...

Now, onto my intentions for 2022 when it comes to this mess.

Where I'll be writing

Ultimately, Campfire has my heart right now. It has checkmarked one of the three things I desire and the other two are planned to come in the near future. Those four things are:

  • Having a wiki connected to a manuscript/vice-versa
  • Future monetization option
  • Future subscription-based feature for readers/followers

There's also the ability to upload whole wikis and manuscripts that are public by link only! It's fantastic. How can I not be enamored with Campfire???

Monetized stories to upload

At the moment, I am putting most of my focus on two major worlds and their connected stories which have completed stories. Said completed stories are furthermore the first stories in their series. 

The thing is, I have a single story on Royal Road right now. It is the longest story I have ever written so far and I wonder when I should remove it from RR since it is also available for reading on Campfire. Now, while this means, in the end, the story should absolutely remain free to read, I'm thinking of making it visible to certain subscribers in the future. 

In the meantime, I plan to have the following stories online:

God Noise: Volume I

This is obvious. The original completed version (vers. 4) of Volume I is the one I am uploading and is currently online on RR and CF. On RR, I am on chapter 35, and on CF, I am on chapter 9. Neither is really getting any attention...but, I'm going along with it anyway... πŸ˜“

GoNo is also having a "Remix", or what I currently call the "Special Edition". It'll probably end up being called a Remix when it is done, but it is what I am working on during my streams every night or so on Twitch. It is vers. 7, my 11th attempt at the Maybe it'll end up being a winner? 😀

Somehow, I doubt it...but I can hope (fucking Inhuman doesn't have this many failed versions, for fuck sake...).

As of yesterday, this new version of GoNo is going well and has neared 100k words! I'm making great strides but am also a bit behind since...well...

As you can see from this pic at the left, these three chapters are...stubs and incomplete. The thing is, I'm past them! I've made it to chapter 34 of vers. 7 as of yesterday. These three chapters are just evading me. Horribly. Painfully. Two are fight scenes, back to back (10 and 11) and the third is one of these is one of those intermission chapters that have a lot of talking in it. At least, that's what I call them. They move the story along. But every chapter is supposed to do that, so...uh. Yeah.

This new version of GoNo is the one that will definitely be monetized, however, when it is uploaded to CF. At least...I think so. πŸ˜•

Human Shed Skin: Inhuman

I can't believe how many times Inhuman has been uploaded online. I hate how many times Inhuman has been uploaded online. But when I upload it again, it absolutely has to be either the last or second to last time. Seriously. I need to stop.

Fortunately, version 5, attempt 11, is fantastic enough that it only needs minor tweaks instead of being completely rewritten. Thank gods. I really am happy with it. It can't be changed anymore. But anyway, when I do upload it, it'll probably be sometime next year. It feels almost like a holiday sort of story, or at the very least a winter sort of story, so maybe in February during T&E Month? πŸ€”

...No idea why I'm thinking that, but we'll see how it goes for now. Play it by ear. 

Part of me is wondering if Royal Road is where I upload all of my "old stories", thus upload something like vers. 3.3 of Inhuman there. But that's...ugh. Why the fuck would I do that???? So, we'll just go with the original plan of Campfire. 

It will definitely be monetized. I know the story is good enough to pull a lot of people in. You know how romance stories are. And it's a monster romance at that? With male/male? Fuck, you know it's going to be at least a quarter-hit. Because, honestly, that's all I can imagine right now...

Honestly, I just want reviews... πŸ˜”

There are other stories I could possibly upload that won't be for monetization, but I don't know how the monetization system is going to work yet. So, I'll hold off on that for now.

Essentially, I plan to finalize my decision to put my copyrighted stories online. Thus far, that means God Noise: Volume I and Human Shed Skin: Inhuman because they are the only stories that are worthy of being uploaded in my eyes. The other stories I have Under construction. Heavy construction.

Version 4

Version 7

Now, what does this mean about GoNo, however? A version of it is under construction too, yeah? Well, this was going to be a secret, but two versions of GoNo will remain on Campfire. One will be the original completed version, version 4. The other will be vers. 7, if all goes as it should. But I don't see that happening until some time into 2022 because of how much time this is taking...

Version 7 might not be done until halfway into the year is what I mean. I am really, truly trying to make this the "near-ultimate" version of its types. It's also nearing the league of Inhuman's version 5 so...I just feel it kind of, somewhat fitting to make this 11th revision as close to what I see in my head as well...

It's an attempt, anyway.

As for Inhuman itself...

As I said, revision 11 is pretty much the penultimate version as it is, so it won't be changed by much. I reread some of it yesterday and it had some errors here and there that need correcting, but definitely not an entire freaking rewrite. I'm very satisfied with it, pretty much.

...I feel I'm being redundant, so on to new stuff...

Once I am done with GoNo, I would like to get back into Inverse Sequences' Darkness and Silver Lining. I may have to do that alongside another story, A King and His Pawn, much as I worked on Passions of the Lune alongside The Thing is Dead, but we will see...

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