Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Paneidoverse 2022

There honestly isn't much I plan to do for the Paneidoverse in 2022. At the moment, all I can continue to do is work on the three main worlds and stories, DΓ¦rth, Reon System, and Rejisea, and The Molt Series, Inverse Sequences, and Hierarchy of Deities, respectfully. I was pumped up with PNDVS during the middle of the year when I joined Campfire but I now wonder what I was all pumped up about. πŸ˜• Nothing significant is happening. No new stories, no new developments...

...still working on stories for the umpteenth time instead of moving forward and progressing... πŸ˜’

Same old, same old.

Even the wonderful spotlight that Paneidoverse received on Campfire Learn isn't enough to spark anything. The only thing I am thinking of is making a blog separate for it but that makes little sense since...well, I already have this place and have made it that certain entries have certain themes for the entire blog. I can do the same with PNDVS...

Great. More CSS. 😣

In any case, fun as that would be, to make another blog, I think I really do have enough. Most of them aren't in use and I am digressing...

My intentions for PNDVS is to perhaps get a few more stories done this year instead of working on the same story for an entire year...or I have been for God Noise: Volume I. There're a lot of stories on the list of verses within Paneidoverse and I gotta get them moving. Especially the big ones, starting with Inverse Sequences.

Inverse Sequences

Inverse Sequences, created in 2019, has been highly neglected despite being older than both The Molt Series and Hierarchy of Deities combined. I don't understand it myself. And since it may be connected to another, new story in the 'Verse, CA(I)NE, I ought to turn my focus on it...since yesterday. 

Alongside IS, I was thinking of working on a novella, A King and His Pawn, much as I worked on The Thing is Dead and Passions of the Lune around the same time in 2019. It'll be a challenge, one I'm honestly not sure I'm ready for. So, I'll take it as it comes.

Upcoming PNDVS-related events

There's also the important fact that two PNDVS and Qarollverse-related things are happening in January and February back-to-back! I almost forgot... 😨

31 Days, 31 Stories

First, in January, there is the year's first 31 Days, 31 Stories Challenge that I may or may not participate in. Last August, I tried—no, intended to partake in it but had an essential internet meltdown so that worked about as well as you can imagine. This time, I want to maybe try to split it in half if I cannot do all 31 days. 15 days is good enough. No one is really counting anything but me...

I haven't streamed in about a week, so once I'm done figuring out all of this shit, I'll be able to put my focus back on the important task that is streaming daily to every other day. It's something that...seems to help with making acquaintances and...might be getting my name out there, even seems to be moving at the pace of growing grass...

The challenge already has its stories lined up, so I'm looking forward to that. Again, I have 31 stories but I'll probably only try to work on 15 stretched out during the month. If I can do more, good for me. If not...I tried. πŸ˜“

These one-shots will likely lead to more stories within the Paneidoverse, hence why they are rather important. Hence why they are also related to Qarollverse...

Excerpts & Teasers Month

And coming off the tails of 31D31S is Excerpts & Teasers Month!! 😱 THIS HAS NEVER TURNED OUT OKAY. EVER. I've been trying this damned thing since 2019, I shit you not, and it has never, ever turned out successful. Every year I try again's disappointing, you know? Maybe it'll turn out different this time with help from 31D31S? πŸ˜• That, and I do sorta have more people interested in my stuff than before... πŸ€”

Ah, well. I keep trying anyway... πŸ˜” I haven't anything set up for T&EM because of January. As I said, let's hope it turns out differently since I'll actually be working on content ahead of time. Whether said content itself manages to go anywhere prior to February...well... 😟

And that's that for PNDVS, I think. Stories, stories, stories, and a hopeful focus on Inverse Sequences throughout 2022. I really can't think of or imagine anything else. πŸ™‚

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