Tuesday, December 21, 2021

The Qarollverse 2022 | methods of operation

I plan to make a lot of personal "methods of operation" changes in 2022. By this, I mean how I operate under and "as" the Qarollverse. For one, I don't think I really explained what the Qarollverse is, so I am going to briefly get into that and also post this information on a page for the blog with necessary modifications.

What is the Qarollverse

Qarollverse is the name for the all-encompassing "everything" that are my personal projects and, to an extent, me as a person. You could say it is the brand behind the brand.

By "personal projects", I mean things that are created from my mind, like the Paneidoverse. In fact, right now, the only personal project that exists under the Qarollverse (that has actual content) is Paneidoverse. There used to be another project as old as Paneidoverse but it was constantly put on hiatuses to the point that it became pointless to continue. I discarded it in October 2021.

When I use Qarollverse as a username online, it means that the account is used for all things under my "brand", from my name (Mar Qaroll) to my pseudonyms One Hollows' Eve and Mareoquine. 

At least...that's the plan starting in 2022.

2022 plans for the Qarollverse

So, at the moment, my online accounts are a fucking, annoying mess. It wasn't so until around 2019. Then I just fucked up and...Well.

Let me explain.

One Hollows' Eve

I have my pseudonym One Hollows' Eve under which I used to act like a person independent from who I really am. That was done because there was a period in which I wanted to separate myself from my name due to...feeling as if I was running my name in the ground. So, OHE and Elian Hollow was my way of...starting over, I suppose. It would have worked if the damn idea didn't last less than a fucking month. 🙄

Now that I am writing again out of sheer...me-ness...and wanting to, well, be myself, OHE is entirely defunct and pointless. But I want to keep the graphics used, even if I modify them a bit...

So, to reiterate, I want to keep OHE somehow but under my name instead of this nobody person Elian Hollow. That means getting rid of at least five online accounts that I haven't gotten rid of yet and heavily revamping the remnants of the others. Fortunately, I did most of everything through Google so I can just switch everything to another account...

But yeah. This was a mistake that happened. 🤦🏾‍♂️


Mareoquine was a good idea that went out of control. Meant to be used alongside my name only when I was doing game stuff (such as GaiaOnline, Steam, etc.), it evolved to become a pseudonym I used to separate myself from controversial things as well. Because, I'mma be honest. I have a lot of shit on my mind. If you've read anything from the Blackboxx Texts, you'd know this already. That blog, for instance, is under Mareoquine's name.


I have come to realize there's no fucking point in separating my real name from...well, who I am.  It's just given me a massive headache and identity issues greater than the ones I already have, so this makes it easier on me, too, to combine everything under my name. I love the graphics I made for Mareoquine and much like OHE, I think they are worthy of reusing. I need to update it a wee bit but other than that, it is good to go as is. 😃

But...if I combine my Mareoquine self with, well, my public image, what does this do for my public image overall, right?? Thing is. There is no right way to go about that without sacrificing a typical "good public image" of myself. I have to...own that if I want to keep that sort of content online connected to me. In some ways, I've already dealt with this, but not nearly to the extent that I'm anticipating in the future. The realistic amount is...unholy...

So, the method of operation I am going with needs to be worked on, as you can see. I've to make brand new logos based on my old ones, for starters. Then, I need to put together a format of what content will be worked on under which names.

Speaking of which.

I've considered having my marqaroll.com domain redirect to my qarollverse.com domain instead of what it is now. It's a consideration, nothing truly set in stone.

A lot sits on 2022's shoulders...

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