Saturday, December 18, 2021

Returning to GaiaOnline in 2022

As I've returned to the social sphere from my three-month hiatus, I've rekindled my 14-year-old—yes, fourteen years old—GaiaOnline account. I have learned some CSS since the last time I was on Gaia, so I managed to make my page match the rest of my current Halloweenie theme. 😁 Very happy about that. Don't know when I might change to match my Mareoquine pseud theme, though. Maybe once 2022 is over. 

Anyway, what is my purpose on GaiaOnline? Just to have some fun, I suppose! It's the only place I can currently do so since all my other accounts are...not for fun. And are pretty much...empty...and stuff...

Also, I have a blog on Gaia I plan to work on, maybe in 2022, to talk about music. Should be fun. I might cross-post somewhere else but I'm not sure where just yet. That was something I used to do in 2007 but stopped a long time ago. Maybe 2008? 


Ah, the glory days of Gaia... 😩

Don't know when this will go into full effect, but these are my intentions. Perhaps 2022 will see activity...

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