Monday, April 25, 2011


While revisiting my own educational hell, I came up with a few names for blogs...

So, I've given M&RoaM a new name, as I said I would. This wonderful name of a blog is going to be exactly what it says it is, because it's only been while I've searched and read around other gothic/alternative lifestyle blogs recently that I've noticed...Amiss the fact that I've known of these subcultures for years, I suppose you could say I'm either a three-year-old or four-year-old babybat. I love the music, I love the style, and I love everything gothic, but you'd never notice unless you heard my opinions on certain topics...and the music I listen to...and the things I write...etc, etc.

At a distance, I look absolutely harmless; a Muslima who likes to wear black and corset-esque armwarmers with silver rings (my current staple accessory...and not good ones, but I like 'em). *Shrugs* Maybe in the eyes of more experienced goths, that's not so. But I fear not! One day I shall live up to my romance!

...Even though it seems like such a long way off...but I won't dwell on that! I WON'T!!

 I try...

This is "stage two" because my "stage one" was back in 2007 through 2008 when I did research (and, boy, do I mean RESEARCH) on the subculture I love and feel a part of the most: the gothic subculture. The research I do now is all part of the other stages...but I am way past stage one. I was never an ignorant mallgoth!! HA HA~! But I will say, though, I do like the mallgoth look...the better parts of it, anyway...baggy pants with chains and d-rings and spiked bracelets and hail YES, Marilyn Manson...~!!!

So. The other two blogs I'll be working on in the (very near) future will be the real M&RoaM that will be accompanied by video blogs (!!) and then a test blog for me to muck up shat as I rant about me and my attempt to try to create and/or alter templates for my own devious purposes, ehehehe~ I shall try, anyway... the far, hopefully-closer-than-it-seems future...the final blog...when I am no longer a babybat...and have developed my own sense of belonging in the world...

Whoa. I had a moment, thar.

Do excuse.

On to the next one!

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