Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Goth Challenge: Day 6

Technically it's day seven, but shh. I couldn't do this earlier...

Day 6: Hand write your favorite lyric and take a picture

Seeing as I have no camera, I'm going to take a Shitty Webcam Picture.

Yay for Shitty Webcam! :D

Can you read that? The lyrics are:

When I die
I'll die with my mercy
And when she cries
I'll cry with her
In my life,
See I've loved an angel
My mercy, eternal to me

There's more to it that I couldn't get in one pic...

We are love,
We are made of many
We are two,
We are made of few

The song is by Coal Chamber called My Mercy. It's...it's phenomenal. Definitely a song to sing between lovers. That's all I see when I hear it...and it's just beautiful to sing. Hear it.

Info on the challenge here.

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