Monday, October 17, 2011


I'm at school. It's the thirty minute break and I managed to find a site that allows me to play music:! I love I discovered so many amazing bands thanks to it. So. What am I going to do during this time?

Because I've learned today that I'm not actually as far behind in my school work as I thought, I can devote some more time to what I should have been doing last week, but was too sick and lazy to do on my own. I can gather some of my written work to show to the literary club on Wednesday as well as pay more attention to some other work I doubt I can show (due to *ahem* content) but have been obsessing over all weekend. And have I mentioned Project DV before...?

I made a new Facebook group for it, and yeah, I see now that I probably shouldn't have gotten rid of the old group I had for it. But the fact that I can create documents might come in handy. I just hope I can still create discussion "forums". I really liked that...

I don't remember what I did over the weekend, but my desire to do more and somehow participate in the alternative communities sparked within me. I couldn't this past week, but I'm dead serious when I say I plan to do some videos. I've found some amazing users on YouTube that are very inspiring and fun to watch. I always look forward to seeing a new video from them. Overall, the alternative blog and video community seems to be doing pretty darn well.

Can't wait to join it~

Oh, also, I would be home or on my way home by now, but I'm staying a bit later because my teacher gave me an application for a job at Christmas Tree Shops. I'd love to work there. And since I'm new at this, she has offered to give me a fake interview and go over the application process with me~ Gotta do all I can to become independent!

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